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An Ear for a Lip!

Piercings, when you get one or two you just want more.

I got my ears pierced for the second time when I was thirteen and shortly after I got them done, I wanted my upper ear pierced. My mum called Planet Ink and told them the situation, hoping to make an appointment. They refused, telling my mum I had to be sixteen in order to that part of my ear pierced. When my mum told me this I was upset, but she promised, when I turn sixteen I may get my ear pierced for a third time.

Well, my story begins about three years later, in October (2 months ago).

I can't remember what got me thinking about it, but I started thinking about that piercing mum promised me, but with a twist; I wanted my lip pierced instead... or with it.

I looked up Planet Ink on internet because it's the most cleanest place in Ottawa to get anything done; Not only that, my sister got her tattoo done there, my estition gets all her tattoos done there and my best friend Mikey got her labret there. I checked out the different kinds of ear and lip piercings and decided on an industrial barbell, but I couldn't figure out what kind of lip piercing I wanted.

I searched for images of different lip piercings and judged what would look good on my face, in my lip. I didn't want a vertical labret like Mikey, hers suited her because although she has a small mouth, her lips are full; mine aren't, there thinner than hers. Bugger. I finally decided on a lip ring.

Next thing I did was run and tell my mum about my ambition. I reminded her of her promise, she pretended to forget, and told her I wanted a lip piercing. She gave me a skeptical look; I told her I have always wanted one and have wanted one longer than my upper ear piercing. I told my mum I did research on cleaning and care of lip piercings and that I would pay for it if she would pay for the barbell.

She said she would buy me the piercing, if I only get one and only one. Fine by me. I choose my lip ring. You can't see my ears under my boy cut hair anyway, so why not get something you can see.

My mum asked me when I wanted it done and I told her on her next day off. She called Planet Ink for an appointment right after school. I was getting my lip pierced in five days! I was so psyched! I didn't want to tell anyone. I wanted my friends to be shocked and surprised when I came into school the next day, but I ended up spilling the beans at school on Monday because I was basically singing in class about how I couldn't wait 'til Wednesday.

My friends were thrilled and kept asking me questions about it; it got me all the more pumped up for it, they couldn't wait to see it and neither could I.

On Tuesday night, I told Mikey, best friend, about it and she asked if she could come. Of course she could come! I wanted her to come with me!

Wednesday, my big day finally arrived; I went to school as planned and it was the longest day of my life. I couldn't stop looking at the lock and counting down the minutes. When the bell finally rang at 2:40 I tried so hard not to just book it right out of class to my mum's SUV.

The ride to Mikey's and downtown felt like it took ages. When we finally got downtown, the anxiety in me really started to build up; when we were walking down the block to Planet Ink, I was so nervous my teeth were beginning to chatter. Can you see that? Chattering teeth on a mild day, odd site.

When we got there, my chattering teeth stopped. We went to the desk and told the lady I wanted to get my lip pierced. She asked what kind; I told her a simple ring. I filled out my sheet at the counter quickly, paid and was then taken to the back to get a needle shoved in my face.

Surprisingly I wasn't nervous anymore. I told Jonny, the piercer, I wanted it on my left side and placed so that if I ever wanted to, I could get another opposite it and have snake bites.

He marked me, showed me, and I gave him the go ahead. I rinsed for 20 seconds, spat, got clamped and watched him as he told me to breathe in and out. Mikey held my hand, mostly for her own comfort. I didn't squeeze it even when the needle went through my lip.

When the needle went through, my mind went became relaxed because the thought of the needle going through my lip was what was making me nervous; and it didn't hurt at all.

I got it done on the left side because I knew I would be able to take the pain better if there was any, but it more or less felt like getting blood work done.

I also have a very high pain.

Anyway, about 10 second after my mind relaxed, Jonny turns to get a Q-tip and says "We got a bleeder."

When he said that I wasn't scared or shocked, but I found it amusing how he said it so monotone. I asked, with slight difficultly, if it was normal. He said kind of, there are those rare customers who bleed, but I wasn't bad, just a trickle.

He cleaned me up and I could already feel the dull throbbing feeling in my lip. He got me to rinse for 20 seconds one more time and then I could go.

I said my thanks and got off the table to look in the mirror, and just as I had thought my lip was swelling up and fast. But you know what; no amount of swelling could stop that smile from spreading across my face. We bought some H2O Ocean cleaning solution and left.

I was so happy, but my lip ring kept clanking against my teeth. I was worried, but I didn't say anything because I knew my mum would be concerned. I decided it was just the swelling of my lip pushing the ring.

It felt so weird when I closed my mouth and when I spoke. I went over to Mikey's place to show her mom, sister, grandma and her boyfriend, Dexter.

It was smooth sailing after that, everyone liked my piercing. The kids in my classes were shocked, my friends loved it and so did my sister.

I had some trouble eating because of the swelling and the awkwardness of having a lip piercing. Not to mention I had to clean it after I ate. I took Ibuprofen whenever I needed it and the swelling was gone in about a week.

I saw my dad for Thanksgiving and he said he liked, but apparently if I had gotten him to take me he would have gotten me a tattoo instead. I don't care. I can get a tattoo next time. I love my lip ring, and no amount of fish hook jokes from his buddies is going to change that. I'm already planning on getting a silhouette of a monkey tattooed on my left shoulder in about a year or sooner.

The only thing I find funny is my mum's reason for saying yes to a lip piercing. When I asked her she said it's because getting a bar in your ear is child mutilation; your ear could shatter and you would need surgery to fix it, where as your lip can just heal over.

The ironic part, the reason they want you to be sixteen to get your lip pierced is because it's considered child mutilation.

I love my mum!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jonny+Roberts
Studio: Planet+Ink
Location: 306+Rideau+Street+Ottawa%2C+ON

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