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My Do It Yourself Lip Piercing!

So I had wanted a lip piercing for years now and was too scared to have it done by a professional and didn't want to pay $70 for it. I mean what if I didn't like it on me? So about 6 months ago I thought what's a more personal experience than doing it yourself! (which I wouldn't recommend kiddies.)

So I sat at my laptop and googled other peoples Do it yourself experiences and nearly scared myself out of it! Some people said they ended up in Hospital and everything.

Now I was scared! I went and had dinner, watched some telly and then Finally I got my courage back and carried on.

I sterilized a Large sewing needle (eeek!) while I was waiting for that I brushed my teeth and swished around some Listerine. Then I cleaned my lip with an alcohol wipe and marked my lip of where I wanted it and made sure I had sterilized labret stud ready. I had decided I wanted it on the left side of my bottom lip right against my lip line.

I then closed my bedroom door, took a deep breath and slowly pushed the needle through the front side of my lip while watching "The Simpson's" It hurt at first but duh of course shoving a needle through any part of your body is going to. It surprisingly went through quite quickly until the last layer of skin which hurt like crazy and I could not get it through at all!

So when I was near giving up, I thought one more push and if it doesn't go through that's it! Then Wham Bam Thank You Mam it went through!!! YAY! I Now had a huge needle through my face! I was so excited, I Slowly slid the needle out a bit at a time and pushed the 14g labret stud through.... It went through but was soo tight.

I then went to bed and could hardly sleep, I was soo happy but when I woke up I had a HUGE SWOLLEN LIP! Ahh, I freaked out and considered taking it out! I couldn't, look how far I had come already! So I spent the day trying to hide it, I had to go to the local piercer to buy a longer bar (because I didn't think of the swelling). The lady was so nice she even fitted it for me but said it was done really well but the 14g bar was far too big for my little face So she put in a 15mm 16g Bar to comfort the swelling, told me to drink lots of icy drinks and gave me a care sheet.

My Lip looked so ugly and swollen I even started thinking what a mess I have made but it went down after a couple of days. It was all doing well besides the 15mm bar poking out of my face. I could hardly eat because I kept biting into the long bar it was soo annoying. I made sure I brushed my teeth after every meal and gargled diluted rock salt whenever I got the chance.

After about a month I got sick of the long bar and changed to I think a 12mm 16g bioflex bar which is made of a flexible plastic which was far more comfortable and smaller. It did swell up a tiny bit after changing the bar and was still a little red but it had to be better than having the Huge metal Bar sticking out of my face.

A month or so later I had to change to a 8mm bar because it was apparently still swollen and had gone down even more. I was still gargling and doing Rock Salt Soaks and brushing my teeth on my lunch breaks (kinda embarrassing) but the main thing the piercer said to me was about keeping it clean.

Now 6months later I still absolutely love it! It's the cutest piercing ever and I wear an 8mm 16g bioflex bar with a tiny diamond it it. Everyone always asks me about it and have even had a couple of my friends get theirs done too! Its fairly popular now but meh I love it and that's the main thing.

I would never recommend doing it yourself, I mean so much could have gone wrong... some people were hospitalized, I could have got an infection... anything! You never really know. Remember Cleanliness is the key to any healthy piercing.

Just because I turned out fine doesn't mean you will, everyone's body is different and a qualified body piercer are trained to do this and have done it a billion times. Its like going to a Dentist for a tummy Bug.

Thanks for reading


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on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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