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"ANOTHER new one?"

When I got my lip pierced yesterday, it was technically my third piercing in a matter of 2 months. Considering the conservative family/community that I come from, that's pretty excessive. This is, by far, my favorite piercing yet, and probably the least painful one I've had.

I should note that the two previous piercings that I received are gone now -- my nose piercing was poorly done, and my lip/chin labret was off center. Because of the two bad experiences, past experience and professionalism of the piercer was very important to me this time around. I started looking around the area of my campus for a good parlor, and couldn't believe my good luck to find one less than a mile down my street! What's more, they looked like they ran a quality and professional atmosphere. They had several pictures of bridge, genital, and other surface piercings that they had done within recent months. This really boosted my confidence in them (my previous two piercers generally refused to do surface piercings). They accepted walk-ins on any day of the week, so I headed down to the parlor the very next day.

The parlor was rather small, but clean and comfortable. The man who was to be pierced before me was getting his scrotum pierced. Obviously, I couldn't see the procedure. But as I sat and filled out the necessary paperwork, I overheard the piercer speaking with the guy. I was impressed with how confident she seemed in her own abilities and her seemingly endless knowledge about the healing process and piecing in general. My pulse started to quicken -- I became more confident with my choice of establishment and was becoming much more excited about the piercing.

After a few last minute suggestions about choice of underwear to the guy before me, the piercer (a rather attractive blonde woman with lots of tattoos) washed up and started asking me what I wanted done. I told her that I was planning on having snakebites, but could only afford a single piercing at the moment. She took me to her work area, and explained her method for making sure the piercings would be symmetrical (which was very important to me after my off-center labret), then marked a spot just below my lip on the right side. She really made me comfortable and I wasn't afraid to correct the spot until it was just right. I think that kind of comfort is crucial in being satisfied with the piercing.

I picked my final spot, and she asked me about the jewelry. She could see that I had 1" tunnels in my ears, so she was comfortable with asking me questions regarding gauge of the ring. She could tell from my grin that I wanted something larger than 14g, so she took out a 12. I liked the look of it, and she said "If you want it, you'd might as well. I'm poking a hole in you anyway." Couldn't argue with that logic.

She had me lay down on her piercing bed, and told me to close my eyes. I felt her clamp my lip. Rather than count to 3, like the last piercers had, she just told me to take deep breaths. I felt a small prick, and she said "that's it, no more pain." I smiled at how simple it was and enjoyed the pressure from her putting the ring into place (yeah, I've started to enjoy that feeling). She put the captive bead into place, then told me to take a look in the mirror. I loved it! The 12g ring was very noticeable, but definitely not excessive.

I payed the price of the piercing and gladly gave the pretty lady a $5 tip. This experience was far more pleasant than my others, and the piercing looks great (in my opinion, of course). GoodGirl piercing in Oshkosh was top-notch (I recommend it to anyone living in the area). As a word of advice to ANYONE who's new to piercing -- experience is key! A truly experienced piercer is going to make you more comfortable and get the job done professionally. Check out the parlor's website (if they don't have a website, that's probably not a good sign). See some of their work... surface piercings are usually a good indication as to whether or not the piercer knows what they're doing.

Also, do whatever is comfortable for you. I will say this -- some of my friends don't approve of the lip piercing. In fact, a few of them like to refer to snakebites as "dick massagers." What it all comes down to is that you've got to be satisfied -- nobody's opinion matters as much as your own. Follow your instinct, and don't be afraid to ask a piercer for EXACTLY what you want, exactly where you want it. I did -- I love my piercing, and I can't wait to go back to the parlor to get my other side done!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kris
Studio: Oshkosh+Tattoo%2F+GoodGirl+Piercing
Location: Oshkosh%2C+WI

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