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My monroe piercing

I just got my monroe piercing yesterday and I have wanted a monroe piercing for about four months. I started begging my mom about getting one,she said no for awhile but finally I decided that I would ask her if I could it as my 16th birthday present (since my parents wouldnt buy me a car). About a three weeks before my birthday I went to my mom and I told her I really wanted the monroe because it was feminine and stylish (I love piercings and my parents dont really like them), so after asking her about three times she said yes! I texted my aunt and asked her if she could take

us to crossville to get it done and she said she would. I started researching this like crazy looking up stories (I read some stories from bmezine too) making sure I really really wanted this piercing because this is only one and the last one my mom said she would agree too.

About two weeks before my birthday I told my dad about wanting the piercing and he did not like the idea at all he told me I would get in trouble at school and that he wasnt going to be a part of the proccess of this thing (my parents are divorced so this didnt affect anything). I started watching videos about the piercing trying to see if it was one of those piercing that would hurt really bad.

The day I was going to get pierced (October 11th 2008) I had my friend come with us so we got to the tattoo shop and me mom aunt and my friend went in and I filled out all my info so the guy told us it would be about a thirty minute wait (my other two aunts didnt like the fact that I was getting it they told aunt missy that if she wouldnt get it herself she shouldnt take me to get it.)

Thirty minutes later I was being led into the piercing room. Brandon (the piercer) sterilized everything and had me sit down so he could mark where I wanted to get it done (I chose the left side) After he marked it he had me lay down so that he could pierce me. He was really nice and funny and made sure that it didnt hurt. He clamped my lip got the needle ready and counted to three in about three seconds the needle was through my lip it didnt really hurt at all the clamping part didnt hurt either I dont know why people say it does. My eyes watered a little but I dont know why because when the needle went through it didnt hurt at all and I didnt bleed. He got the jewelry and told me I would hear a little "popping sound" as the jewelry went in about two to five more seconds and I was done! I hopped up and looked in the mirror and loved it. He told me what to do to make sure it didnt get infected and gave me clear rings for school and a smaller metal ring. After we left the pier cing shop we headed to walmart so I could some listerine like Brandon told me I would need

Its been one day since I've had it done and its swollen and hurts a little and its a little hard to eat I've been taking ibuprofen to help with the swelling, but I like it alot my mom even told me that out of the piercings I've had she likes this one the best (and I've had my nose tongue and lip done I did them myself and I've had my

bellybutton done too professionally and at home) which was suprising! I seen one of my teachers today and he didnt even notice the piercing which is a good thing because I doubt they will see it at school. I love it and a lot of people think its cute others probaly wont but thats ok because as long as I like it thats all that matters. If anyone else is thinking about getting the monroe I say go for it and you live in crossville tennesse or anywhere close you should to mo thangs and ask for Brandon he did a great job. I'm glad I decided to get this piercing because it is so cute one of my friends told me she wanted hers done because she thinks it is cute. I love love love it and I'm happy that I decided to go for it. If anyone has any questions about the monroe piercing or anything feel free to email me at sk8terchick_103@yahoo.com or msdorky1992@aol.com I'll try to respond to your questions as best I can if you have any :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Brandon
Studio: Mo+Thangs
Location: Crossville+Tennessee

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