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My 28th birthday gift!!

The last piercing I got done was my tongue like six years ago.

I was suppose to get my half sleeve finished for a birthday gift however due to finances I had to change plans. I was bummed and needed something done it was my 28th birthday tomorrow I needed some kind of change, anything.

So I browsed the internet ending up of course at BME I found myself looking at piercings. Then I saw the vertical labrets the girls all looked so beautiful. I read a lot of story some said clamps were used others said just a needle no clamp. I read a lot of story from BME Some said it hurt a lot others said it didn't hurt much at all. I don't remember how many stories I read before I knew I was ready to get it done.

So I called my sisters told them of my idea to which they replied I'll be ready to go in 20 minutes. What else could I do but agree. So I went to my husbands work to let him know I was getting it done.

Before I knew it I was picking up my mom to watch the kids and I was on my way. I was nervous I was telling my self and my family that I would be fine I could handle the pain as long as it was quick! I kept thinking the whole way there about it. Just as long as it quick the pain will be worth it. I also told myself that the worse part would have to be having my lip in those clamps. So I have my sisters now and we are at Black Ball Tattoo Studio. I am filling out paperwork Shaking like a leaf. I feel so hot like my whole body is burning red. I took off my hoodie and browsed the art wall possibly to find a new tattoo or to calm my nerves. I felt like everyone there Knew I was scared. I was so embarrassed I have other piercings and tattoos why was I so scared? When Fathead came over to explain how much it would swell and because of this it may look uneven at first I reassured him I understood because of all the stories on BME I had been reading I did my research and had a big
bottle of Motrin and lots of ice for swelling.

Ok its time, Fathead came to get me. He took me and my sister back to the room. At this point I was relaxed I came to get this done and I'm doing it I was calm and ready to deal with whatever pain to have this beautiful piercing! He marked me. He let me look at it to make sure I liked the placement. I was satisfied. He got all of his equipment ready. He straddled me told me to take a deep breathe. I thought this was when he was going to clamp my lip instead I felt the needle penetrate he told me to breathe out slowly I did embracing the pain just riding it out. I did get tears in my eyes just as I did with my nose and my tongue I was by no means crying! I was calm the pain was tolerable I didn't even clench up it was calming it didn't feel good ,but the pain was very tolerable. It was happening and all I could think of was how great it is going to look. I could feel the tissue ripping like others had reported. Then he asked me to look in the mirror to see that it went in wh ere we marked and came out the other mark! I did I had a huge needle stabbed right in the middle of my lower lip it was awesome! He finished up I went through slightly more pain and it was done! I love it. Fathead was so gentle The pain was gone when the piercing was over. I did it I couldn't believe I was so nervous! My sisters and I always look at piercing videos and I usually turn away at the bloody ones with big needles and pulling and forcing them through! My sister said it looked like one of those . I think they took it worse than I did! I feel awesome knowing that I could actually get something like that done .Although I wish I could have got a picture of the needle through my lip! Why oh why didn't I bring my camera? He cleaned me up gave me my aftercare and I was on my way my 3 year old loves it!!

It has been a week and it is healing great I can not wait to pick the perfect piece of jewelry for my new piercing! All and all it was a great experience I am so happy I did it. It's beautiful!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Fathead
Studio: Black+Ball+Tattoo+studio
Location: Midland%2CMI+48640

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