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Beautiful beauty spot

On Sunday the 28th August I decided to get the piercing I have wanted for a while, a Monroe/beauty spot piercing. I went to Trendez and first looked at jewellery for a bit because I was nervous, then I asked to get the piercing then filled out a form with all the usual questions.

I had to wait for about half an hour as it is always busy on Sunday as it is $20 piercings (inc. jewellery) so me and my boyfriend went and looked at shops for the half hour.

When we got back I was told to wait over on the sofa, so me and my boyfriend waited for a few minutes until I was called into the piercing room. I was getting quite nervous at this point. The piercer got me to sit in the 'dentist' like chair and she then explained the aftercare to me: clean around the outside of the piercing twice a day for 1-2weeks with diluted tea tree oil or saline solution (1/4 tsp of sea salt to ½ cup of water) and rinse your mouth with diluted alcohol free mouthwash/saline solution 5 times a day or after anything you eat or drink besides water for 1 week.

That was all fine, then it was marking up time. I chose the left side, I got her to move the dot twice, then it looked fine as she said piercing it out any further wouldn't be good for the placement on the inside.

Then along came the clamps, and holding the boyfriends hand haha. I was told to take a few deep breaths 1...2...3...4..a quick sharp pinch and then the tube was slid through, then the jewellery. Just as the piercer had slid the jewellery in, I started bleeding, A LOT! (My boyfriend said it came out fast) And then the piercer was like "oh shit" and quickly grabbed tissues to try to wipe the blood and apply pressure to help stop the bleeding. She also quickly screwed on the ball during that time as well. I ended up bleeding onto my lovely silk scarf, but it couldn't really be helped as it happened so fast.

The weird bit is, I didn't even know I was bleeding at first when it started and then I could taste blood in my mouth...not pleasant as there was lots of it inside and out. When I was able to stand my boyfriend and the piercer helped me out to sit on one of the couches and I had to kind of lie on it and elevate my legs to help so I wouldn't faint or whatever and I had to keep applying pressure to my piercing to help stop bleeding. After 20mins I felt a lot better and we got up to leave, I paid and was told to come back in about a week to have the jewellery downsized, then we went on our way home, not before stopping to get something to eat though, I felt famished haha.

Anyway, heres a day by day summary of the piercing for 10 days.

Sunday - Day of piercing: Pierced side of lip is very swollen and there is bruising on the inside and slightly on my lip outside as well. I managed to eat some KFC chips on the way home, as I was very hungry haha, I just chewed on my right side and had no trouble with catching the bar or anything probably because my lip was so swollen, even when I ate a sandwich late that night, no problem. It was only swelled to the length of the bar, so I was glad it didn't swell any further. Just a bit tender feeling when brushing my teeth. I went to sleep with my pillows a bit higher than usual as it is better to sleep with your head above your heart to help reduce swelling.

Monday - Day 1: I woke up and eagerly looked at my piercing, it was still quite puffed up and a little sore, as expected the flat back had embedded itself in my lip a bit from the swelling. I drunk ice cold water throughout the day and this helped ease the piercing and I also sucked on a Strepsils lozenge(the blue anti-bacterial one) and followed aftercare as usual and sucked on a bit of crushed ice that night. No trouble brushing teeth now.

Tuesday – Day 2: When I woke up, the swelling seemed to be down a little which I was happy about. The piercing seemed a bit tender today. The flat back of the jewellery looked to be sinking in a bit more, but at different times of the day the swelling lessened a bit only to go up again a few times. Started getting crusties around the outside of the piercing today. Followed aftercare as usual.

Wednesday – Day 3: I woke up and looked in the mirror to see that the swelling had gone down on my lip so it looks normal now, yay! And the swelling has obviously gone down a bit on the inside because when the jewellery sits when my mouth is closed a bit of the bar pokes out. The flat back is not so much sunk in now, like the skin is kind-of bouncing back or something. Bruising is going away from the inside of my lip. Had crusties. I Followed aftercare as usual.

Thursday – Day 4: About lunch time I noticed the swelling on the inside had gone down a lot. Still cant open my mouth really wide yet as the bar catches under my eye tooth sometimes which is becoming annoying. Had more lymph around the outside of the piercing compared to the other days, they make the outside sore as they stuck to the bar. Followed aftercare as usual.

Friday – Day 5: My piercing seems the same as it was yesterday. Nothing has changed.

Saturday – Day 6: Piercing is fine. Followed aftercare.

Sunday – Day 7: Piercing is fine.

Monday – Day 8: Piercing is fine.

Tuesday – Day 9: Piercing is fine. For the last few days I have just been cleaning as usual but down to mouthwash 2-3 times a day.

Wednesday – Day 10: Got my jewellery downsized today. Feels heaps better.

If you want this piercing go for it, its easy to take care of and looks pretty. Got any questions? Email me(Blaire) x—blaiz@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Didn%27t+catch+it
Studio: Trendez
Location: Hamilton%2C+New+Zealand

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