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My secret smiley

Not long after New Year this year, I made myself a resolution to get at least one new piercing a month, for the next 12 months, to add to my current list of 2 12mm plugs, 3 conch piercings, 2 tragus piercings, 1 rook, 1 anti-tragus, 1 forward helix, nostril, off-center labret, septum, tongue and inverse navel. Some months I would get two, and this month, June, was another one of those months, and seemed to have an oral piercing theme to it.

I'd just gotten my tongue pierced at the beginning of June after payday. I went to my piercer's in my hometown with three friends, with hopes of getting a smiley piercing with a small, curved barbell. It soon transpired that that wouldn't be possible, so a tongue piercing was brought up. All three friends knew I had a bit of an issue with getting my tongue pierced - it wasn't the piercing itself that bothered me; it was the actual procedure that grossed me out. Long story short, they promised to buy me lots of ice-cream if I got it, so I sat down, got pierced and left the studio proud that I'd gotten over my issues with oral piercings.

Fast forward two weeks, and I and two of the friends who came with me to get my tongue done, plus another friend who wasn't there, plan a trip to Newcastle, as one friend was wanting to get her sternum pierced. I had been interested in this piercing a while back, but after doing lots of research I still wasn't entirely sure if I wanted it when the opportunity came. I have a saying, "if you aren't entirely sure, leave it until you want it more", so I said goodbye to my thoughts of a sternum piercing for now. We went into Hype, spoke to Nikki and went downstairs to the piercing room. It was over pretty quickly, and my friend emerged immensely pleased with her newly pierced sternum.

A couple of hours later, I was determined that I wasn't going home without a new hole somewhere on me. By this time I was really stuck for ideas as to what I wanted and what I was prepared to sit through at the time, when I suddenly remembered the smiley piercing I'd so badly wanted. Now was the perfect time. I had enough money, I had access to a piercer who would gladly do it with a bar instead of a ring, and I had no problems with oral piercings anymore. So, for what was going to be the second trip of three, we walked back to Hype for me to be pierced.

Now, I absolutely adore Hype. As soon as you walk in, it smells clean. You can smell the disinfectants as soon as you walk through the door, and it's really comforting to know that the environment you're about to be pierced in is absolutely pristine. The walls are covered in tattoo designs, there's a glass cabinet full of amazing jewellery for just about every piercing, and an equally amazing range of piercings available. I spoke to the guy on the front desk, who's name I unfortunately didn't catch, and he was really friendly and chatty. I filled out my paperwork, paid my £20 and made that familiar trip down to the piercing room with Nikki and a friend. She sat me down on the bed, and as I had a large shopping bag with me, asked me to show her what I'd been buying, all in aid of keeping me calm. She then gave me a cup of Listerine to rinse my mouth out while she prepared the clamps, jewellery and needle, and then we were ready.

As usual, the clamps were uncomfortable on that tiny, thin piece of skin, and were probably the worst part of the entire procedure. Nikki then told me to take a deep breath in, and when I exhaled, she'd pierce me. Breathe in, breathe out, pierced. I can honestly say, it was practically nothing. The needle felt a little uncomfortable as it went in, it wasn't really proper pain, but the most discomfort came from the clamps. She then removed them, put my jewellery in and screwed the ball on the end, gave me a cup of water, and sat down beside me and asked me whether it was what I thought it would be. I had to say no, as I was honestly expecting a little more. I just had to jump up and look at it after. Slowly peeling my top lip back, there it was, a gorgeous little silver bar which looked beautiful surrounded by all that pink. I thanked her profusely as I watched her dispose of my used equipment and spray the area down and clean it. Like I said, this place is immaculate.

We returned a third and last time when another friend we'd met in town went to get an anti-eyebrow, and when we were there, we managed to persuade another one of our group to get his lip pierced; Nikki had offered it to him for half-price as we'd been there so often already. We emerged from the shop 45 minutes later as very happy customers indeed.

It's been a little less than 24 hours since I was pierced, and the area feels absolutely fine. No soreness, no redness, no swelling. It feels a little weird constantly having something up there, but I know that'll subside in a day or two. Eating and drinking are no problem at all; I'm just taking it slow and being careful when I bite into things.

I would highly recommend Hype to anyone who's in the area. These people are so professional, so clean and Nikki makes the overall experience a lot less nerve-racking, and asked me after each step how I was doing. I've been pierced there before a few years back, and they're all doing fine. Definitely a top quality piercing studio.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Nikki
Studio: Hype+Tattoo+%26+Piercing+Studio
Location: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne%2C+UK

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