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My ring of joy!!

For four years (since I was 14) I have wanted a lip piercing, since I saw a guy with it when I was on holiday in the Caribbean. So I begged and begged my dad to let me get it done, and every single time the answer was no. Even though the piercing age in the UK is 16. So finally one day, I asked him and he said "well I suppose so" I literally hit the ceiling with joy. So then I looked around on the internet for a suitable place for me to go. Since the piercing shops in my town are literally shit. They are either hair dressers, shop windows, or some scabby tattoo place, where the guys don't even ware gloves!! I had to have my fifth and sixth ear piercing taken out because of infection because of that horrible place.

We decided to go to Taunton because my dad had been there to order custom jewellery for his piercing. He said it was like a hospital and it was amazing, so, yeah lets go :) My mum said it was a good day to get pierced because it was the solar equinox, I don't see how it makes a difference. On the way there I calmed my self by listening to Cannibal Corpse. We got to the Piercing Shop (literally that's the name) and I was enthralled, loads of jewellery was sparkling in glass cases on the wall, and the whole place was very tidy and looked so professional. Two people ran the place, a father and daughter. It was the guy who was going to be piercing my lip. We got into the place and we chatted for ages and had a laugh which made me feel a lot more comfortable. It was only at the end of the conversation that I told him I wanted the left side of my lip pierced. They were both really friendly. Apparently the guy has developed his own needle which minimises pain and bleeding. So I filled out the sheet and took ages to chose the colour of my jewellery because I like being picky. I chose a 1.6mm black titanium CBR. I thought that thicker rings always looked nicer because of their 'fuller' appearance. I filled out the form, and was asked for ID, paid £30, then I was ready.

The guy walked into the room and I followed. My brother came in with me to give me support. He wiped my outer lip with some alcohol. I lay down in the bed and had the bright light over me. The guy washed his hands and put on some gloves. But one had a hole in, so he had to start again. He got the clamps and told me what he was going to do (he didn't have to mark me because I had a freckle right where a perfect labret placement was) He put the clamps on, and this is where I am thinking "Actual no going back now" he asked me if I wanted a count down, I said no, and then in it went. It didn't hurt going in, hurt when it was internal, but didn't hurt coming back out. It hurt obviously, but wasn't unbearable and I actually liked the pain. Also it didn't bleed. He left the needle in while he got the jewellery; he said I looked like a walrus because of the needle poking out of my lip, which made me laugh. He put the ring in, and snapped the ball on all really quickly. I
opened my eyes and saw my brother giggling at me. Instantly I could feel the metal in my lip. I sat up slightly dazed at what I had just gone though, and how it didn't hurt right now. I looked in the mirror, it was totally sweet. I'm so happy with the placement.

I had to wait for my brother to get more ear piercing and then we went on our way. My lip started to swell slightly and it hurt to smile. But I could talk fine. It hasn't really been that painful at all, just when I was actually getting it pierced. When I got home eating and drinking was interesting, but I am getting used to it now. I used diluted mouthwash after every meal, and I'm about to do a salt soak. My lip is still swollen, but it's not noticeable. Also my lips are dry which sucks and makes the swelling feel worse. However it's only been a day that I've had it, and I adore it. I hope everything heals well because it suits me so much!

I recommend The Piercing Shop in Taunton. It's really clean, professional and the people are so friendly. I'm defiantly going back there to get another when this one has healed.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: The+Piercing+Shop
Location: Taunton%2C+UK

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