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disappointingly pain-free labret

I've had a thing about lip rings ever since I can remember. I always thought they looked beautiful and I liked the way they draw attention to the mouth - sexy much? But I was never brave enough to get one myself. I used every excuse going - work, money, dont want a scar on my face but in December last year I decided to bite the bullet and do it. If I didnt like it so what? I'd take it out. It was only £15 so hardly going to break the bank.

I called to book an appointment with Trev at Trev's House of Tattoos only to be told appointments arent needed for piercings so to drop by anytime. Trev pierced my tongue 6 years ago and my belly button 7 years ago so I knew he was an excellent piercer and to be honest, he's the only piercer I would go to.

So off I went with my 7 months pregnant sister in towe for support (although she wouldnt come in the room for fear of fainting and hitting the floor baby bump and all!). I was so nervous as I approached the studio and when I walked in I thought I'd be sick (secretly I quite like that nervous feeling - its like an awareness something big is about to happen), but as always Trev was great at putting me at ease.

As I filled out the forms I asked if he would pierce it with a stud or a ring and he told me he wont ever pierce with a BCR. It makes healing longer and more complicated but that I could change it after 6 weeks. He took me into the back room and told me to sit on the chair then he asked if I wanted it in the centre or a snakebite and if it was a regular labret or inverted. I told him regular centre and he marked the spot under my lip. He told me not to worry because it wouldnt hurt much but I've never been too bothered about piercing pain - its all part of the fun for me. I like the novelty of a new piercing and pain is a reminder that there's something new. I like that I'm always thinking about it so long as the pain is there.

So I was a bit disappointed that I barely felt it! Seriously it stang for about 2 seconds - like actually one, two - then nothing. The only nippy bit is when the needle is going through the skin closest to your teeth but it literally lasts a second then its over. I've heard people say the clamp is more painful than the piercing but I didnt feel any pain at all from the clamp. I know that a lot of places will use freeze but Trev doesnt freeze before any piercings (he told me before my bellybutton piercing that more often than not the freeze is more painful than the piercing so its pointless) but to be honest it really was not necessary for this one, it was very quick, straightforward and not at all painful - about a 10th of the sensation of a bee sting and lasting a fraction of a second. He showed me the mirror so I could see it and he asked if I thought it was ok and if I was happy with the position and I told him honestly I loved it. I stood there for a second or two looking at myself and loving that "I cant believe I just did that" proud of myself feeling (I'm sure many of you know the feeling i'm talking about! its the best).

Then I went back through to my sister who looked stunned and said "is that it??!!" she couldnt believe how quick it was and complained she hadnt had time to finish looking through the tattoo examples. As i was paying, Trev told me how to care for it - SSS and mouthwash and already I couldnt feel it. It felt a little bit hot but it was anything but painful.

I've never had any problems with my labret and I was genuinely disappointed that a second or two after it was done I wasnt aware of it, I nearly marched back in to get another piercing that I would be more aware of and would have a novelty for a lot longer. But I love my lip piercing, its a brilliant piercing done by a brilliant piercer.

If anyone is thinking of a labret I would definitely recommend it, and if you're putting it off because you're worried about it hurting, trust me, when you finally do it you'll laugh at yourself for worrying over nothing and for not doing it years ago. I definitely did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Trev
Studio: Trev%27s+House+of+Tattoos
Location: Perth%2C+Scotland

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