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My beautiful Medusa.

It all started with me being unsure as whether to get a Madonna or a Medusa and let me say, friends are not always the best help in those kinds of situations. So with basically no help from anyone of my friends I decided to start looking up pictures of both. I noticed that most pictures of people with Madonna's did not have their lower lip pierced and because I already had mine done in the middle I wanted something that looked like it went together. That is when I saw the most beautiful picture!

It showed this beautiful girl with her lower middle lip done (like mine =P) and she had a Medusa. It looked so perfect together that I knew right then I wanted it.

Now, most people I know would rather go to a professional piercer than one of their friends but for me I would much rather my friend. This is mostly because every piercing I get done by a professional ends up looking wrong (my navel, and my ears). Now to get Lacey to do it.

I knew this wouldn't give me much of a problem because a couple of weeks earlier she had gotten allot of actual piercing needles (Do not ask me where) and had been going crazy with them! So the very next morning after seeing the picture and walked into class, looked her in the face, and said, "Got any needles left?". "A couple.....why?" was her confused answer. I told her what I wanted and after some debate on what it would look like and some pleading for her to go home at break and get the stuff, she agreed to do it. I actually ended up waiting for the next day to get it done (I can not remember why) but I was super excited anyways.

The next day came and off to school I went. I am not sure why but I figured she forgot all about it and wouldn't have the stuff again but to my surprise she brought everything. So off to the bathroom we went, Nuggy and Amber in tow to get it done. Now, when it comes to me wanting piercings, the minute I want it, I do not give up until I have it but once I see the needle I start to panic. I get all hot and shaky, and then I start worrying about the pain. It took so long to calm me down after I marked the spot, it was almost time for the bell to ring so we decided to wait until recess when we had more time.

All through class I tried to calm myself down and then the bell finally rang so back to the bathroom we went, this time with Dee Jay and Amber in tow. We went in, went to the handicap stall (because there bigger), locked the door and sat on the floor again. Lacey was still unsure of how it would look but I told her to do it anyway. So there we were, four girls sitting on a bathroom floor with a needle. Dee Jay had my hands, Amber was holding my lip out like a human clamp, and Lacey was knelt in front of me holding a needle up to my face. Deep breath in, poke, breath out, not painful at all.

She did an awesome job! The only thing was that normally you would put the needle up through your lip but because she did not want to miss the dot she put the needle down through and the only difference was I had to wear the ring with the ball on the inside until I could get up the courage to change it (nothing a few beers could not help with).

I am very happy with it. It looks awesome with my bottom lip and after she did it even she said how good it looked. My family and friends still joke that now if I ever get mouthy all they have to do is put wire around the two balls to keep my mouth shut.

All in all, I only got one bad response to it and I don't like that girl anyways. My boyfriend loves it (at least he says he does) although his first response was, "Is that all you go to school for, to put holes in your face?", my mom just shook her head but that is what she does whenever I get piercings, and everyone else likes it.

Well that was my experience with getting my Medusa. For pain I would give it a 3 out of 10, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants it. They look awesome, there not painful at all, and they make a great conversation piece. Just make sure you take care of them because an infection in your lip not only looks nasty but it's painful too.

Oh, one more thing, just because I don't prefer a professional piercer does not mean you shouldn't go to one. Safety first people!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: My+friend+Lacey.
Studio: Girls+Bathroom
Location: Springhill+high+school%2C+Springhill+N.S.+Canada

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