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A snake bite story...

For a long time now I had been contemplating getting a facial piercing done. The problem was which one, and would my mother even allow it? Ever since I was little, I found fascination in piercings. It started in 4th grade, one of the junior leaders for my after school program always came to work with his lip rings in. To most of the kids in his group, it was creepy and weird, to me, it was the coolest thing ever.

So there I was, at 16, trying to decide what piercing I wanted to get. I went through pages and pages of pictures on the net looking for exactly what I wanted. Eventually I came across pictures of labret piercings, and double piercings like snake bites, and was reminded of the junior leader who sparked my interest in facial piercings in the first place. I smiled and decided that I wanted snake bites. The question was, would my mother allow it?

I brought the topic up casually. I sat down at my computer and brought up pictures of various facial piercings and made sure my mom was watching. Sure enough she came to take a look. I wanted to gauge her reaction to such things. I asked her what she thought. She said they were interesting, and had a particular interest in nostril piercings, saying they were "cute," and actually asked me if I was interested in getting one like that done. I figured then would be a good time to work lip piercing into the conversation.

I asked her if she really would let me get a piercing if I wanted one, she said so long as I payed for it, she would sign for it. The only exception was one thing, I could get any piercings I wanted, but if I wanted to get my lip pierced she would make me wait till my 18th birthday. In Hawaii, none of our local shops will pierce anyone under 18 without parental consent, so I was pretty bummed out. I tried to pester her into it but she wouldn't hear it. So I gave up for the moment.

A few weeks later I brought it up again. My 17th birthday was coming, and she wanted to know what I wanted. I said what I wanted, but was sure she'd say no. I told her that I didn't really want much, but was still interested in getting my lip pierced. She sighed and told me she didn't want to go back on her word about making me wait. I wasn't surprised. She then said she realized I was old enough to make my own choices, and then agreed to sign the consent forms for me so long as I was the one who payed to get them done. I was VERY surprised, but VERY happy.

I contacted our local tattoo and body piercing shop, Aloha Tattoo. The owner, Larry, was actually a friend of my mother's, so she was more comfortable with me getting them done there. I told him what I wanted then we settled on a price, and then set the date for me to come in. However, there was an unfortunate turn of events the day before I was going to get them done. I work in a local retail shop in my town called Price Busters, who, much to my despair, has a rule against facial piercings. I approached my boss on day and asked him the details of the policy. He said we're not supposed to have facial piercings, and if we do we're to wear clear retainers while on the job.

Seeing as I had not gotten it done yet, and you have to keep the jewelry in for awhile after it first gets done, I couldn't get them done with the lip rings I had originally intended to have put in. It was a bummer, but I still decided to do it, even if I had to wear the ugly clear retainers for awhile.

The next day, my mother drove me to pick up the retainers from a separate shop, seeing as Larry did not carry any clear retainers. I got longer ones, as advised to accommodate for possible swelling, and then headed for Aloha. When we walked in Larry was busy tattooing someone, so I had to wait a few minutes. When he was done, he handed me the papers I needed to sign, and asked for my ID, my mother with me the whole time. Larry kept asking me "You sure you wanna do this? You could fuck up your face. You sure? You sure?" I kept nodding, saying yes I was sure. My mother then left for a moment to use the restroom, then Larry leaned in close while she was gone, whispering, saying my mother was the one who had asked him to try and talk me out of it, and all I had to do was tell him to be quiet and he'd stop. This didn't shock me, but it certainly made me laugh. It was much like my mother to do such a thing.

Once my papers were all signed, he took me into the back. I sat down on a small black chair, and waited as he prepared everything. He gave me a cup of what I think was listerine mouthwash, and had me swish it around for 30 seconds or so. I did this twice. He pulled on a pair of black latex gloves, and asked me the gauge of my retainers, I told him 14. He then brought two sterile needles out, and two small silver captive bead rings. He pulled out the captive beads on both, and placed the rings on my lip and told me to position them where I wanted them. Once I was done, he marked the spots with a tiny marker, and took the rings off.

At this point, suddenly I started to feel very nervous. I didn't even like getting shots, yet I was voluntarily having two needles shoved all the way through my lip. I managed to remain visually calm, not wanting any "I told you so's" from my mother, but I couldn't stop freaking out inside my own head. But it was too late, and I was not gonna cop out.

He had me open my mouth as he placed the clamp into position, once he got it where he wanted it, he brought the needle up, and placed it on the inside of my lip on the left side. All I could think of at that moment was how freaked I was. Then he pushed it through, and It didn't hurt. All I felt was a pinch, and heard a strange "squish" noise when the needle went through. I was shocked, and irritated with myself for freaking out so much. He reached over and grabbed my retainer, and pushed that through the hole, putting the clear o-ring back on to keep it in place. Now for the right side, it was the same drill, and it still didn't hurt. Once it was done he handed me a mirror. I took it from him and glanced at myself. They were pretty even, I was pleased. Even if the retainers look a little silly, I figure it'll be worth it once they've healed and I can replace them with the lip rings I had originally wanted.

It's been a few days since I had them done, I have a bit of redness, and a small bit of swelling, but not much pain, or discomfort when eating. I can't wait till they're fully healed! I highly recommend this piercing to anyone considering what to get for their first facial piercing. It's relatively painless, easy to take care of, and it looks beautiful.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Larry
Studio: Aloha+Tattoo
Location: Oahu%2C+HI

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