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A small metallic piece of rebellion

I have liked the look of lower lip piercing since I saw quite a few people around Cannock and Wolverhampton with different types of piercing and thought it incredibly attractive

And when I met a boy with a lower lip ring I decided that was what I wanted as it looked very good.

However I have parents who are totally against body modification and a Nan who freaked when I got my second lobes done. I asked them for what seemed like an age and a half and eventually my mom said she wasn't too keen on the idea but she wouldn't try ad stop me. My dad wasn't convinced but there wasn't much he could do now I had parental consent (they are divorced).

So after much deliberating, the last weekend of the holidays between my exams I decide to go into tattoo palace with my sister to talk to them about costs and procedures with a lip piercing. The girl behind the counter was very friendly and recommended that I get it initially pierced with a labret stud rather then a ring, as she'd had hers done 4 times and found rings more troublesome.

A few forms to fill in, I had to give my moms number to the shop owner for him to ring as I am under 18 (haha my dad still doesn't know she gave him permission), and after been given the a-ok I was lead into a waiting room plastered with pictures of tattoos and large portfolios to read which calmed my nerves a bit (yes I was getting nervous by now)

I had to wait a bit for Shaun the piercer as the lad before me who had had his tongue pierced had passed out (again not good for the nerves)

The people there kept popping in to talk to me, one even saying 'oh don't go see your Nan till you get a retainer, nans are worse then bloody teachers)

After a short wait I was lead into the very clean piercing room, which looked not unlike the room id had or physiotherapy a few months previous. I mentioned this and Shaun asked if id had acupuncture which I recalled my bad experience of probably putting him off having it haha.. I sat on the brown dentist style chair and was sowed the sealed packets for the clamps jewellery and needle. 'If a piercer wont open a new pack for you walk out there and then' I was advised J

He marked a dot on the right side of my lip which I thought was a bit far to the side so he repositioned it closer to the middle, where I preferred to have it.

Ok ready? He didn't tell me to inhale and exhale like a lot of the stories on here he just put the clamps on (which id been dreading but then didn't feel at all!) and pushed the screwdriver-style needle through my lip. A sharp pain that made me inhale sharply but it was over in a second. He left the needle in and changed his gloves to put in the jewellery, which was when I began to taste blood. Lovely. Both sides were bleeding moderately so he wiped it away and proceeded to put the stud in (again id been dreading 'the most painful part') but again I didn't feel it been put in! the needle hurt LOADS more.

After he screwed on the ball I stood up to look in the mirror. And it looked good. To be honest I wasn't used to it and thought what the hell have I done? For about a minute, then the adrenaline really hit and I started giggling. A lot. Ok it was a bit bloody but looked good anyway.

I paid my £27 and talked to the people there about aftercare and downsizing (annoying long bar) after 2 weeks, when I return I'm getting a small cbr, shorter bar and clear retainer to please my Nan.

Drinking is not a problem, went to star bucks after and had an iced caramel cream thing and it felt nice! But the first time I tried to eat after I forgot it was in and bit the bar. Hard. Ouch.

I am getting into the habit of chewing on the bar during exams which is bad and hopefully can be counteracted by downsizing otherwise my dentist will kill me.

Iv had mixed reactions from 'ooh it looks dead good' to 'oh my god what have you done' and 'wow you're even more odd now' which I personally take as a compliment!

Healings been good so far, just a bit of crusting which is more uncomfortable then painful. But yes it hurts t bite the bar J. no swelling after second day and no bleeding

A very easy piercing to take care of, not everyone's cup of tea but I like it and personally it's a very sexy piercing.

Cant wait to change the jewellery and I would recommend tattoo palace to anyone in the west mids area, they were all very friendly and professional, and my piercing awesome. I'm going there for my first tattoo in 18 months.

Go for the lower lip, adults disapprove of it but it gets you awesome points with the peers J and its totally sexual.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Shaun
Studio: Tattoo+Palace
Location: Wolverhampton%2C+UK

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