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And finally, I had my snakebites!

Around 10 months ago (August 2007), I got my first "real" piercing- a lip ring on the right side of my bottom lip. My friend and I finally got them done a week before our final year of school started after a 5 year wait, and we were nervous but we made our way to Outer Limits eventually on a Thursday with her mum and I had my first lip piercing done with basically no pain in a sterile place with a really friendly piercer. I honestly couldn't have asked for better :) I was also given an aftercare sheet. Two more things I will also add I'm happy about is that I was asked for ID- I wasn't in one of those "we'll pierce anyone anywhere for cash" shops- and that the piercer herself had quite a lot of piercings as well as tattoos, all well done and looking clean. I went back with my friend and we were both really pleased, the five years of waiting to have it done professionally had paid off.

My parents weren't too happy with this though, they sort of kicked me out the house for two days... but then they got used to it, accepted I like it and we moved on. Then at the start of December 2007, I decided I finally wanted to get the other side pierced and complete the set. This time I sat down with my parents and explained to them that I love bodmods, I take good care of all my piercings and that I would be getting it done anyway because I'm old enough, but that I'd rather have their consent first. To my surprise, my dad had no problem and offered to pay for it! My mum wasn't too keen, but she told me that it was my choice.

On the Saturday morning after a light breakfast (always eat something an hour or two before a piercing) my mum and I went into town, and while she went shopping I went back to Outer Limits to see Kirsty and have my snakebites completed. The studio has a calm-and-relaxed feel done up like a beach hut and with sparkly lights and info/designs/piercings in different displays and cases. We had a chat first, she told me I'd kept my piercing from before in good condition and said there'd be no problem in doing the piercing. She took me through to the side room, asked me to sit on the hospital-bed-thing (it has a proper name, I just don't know it, haha) and we chose a placement... after about ten minutes of me trying to decide, but she was patient and waited. Then I watched as she put on a new set of gloves and mouth-cover then sterilized all the equipment and jewellery. Now for the piercing! Just as before, my lip was clamped and frozen with a spray, after which I was told to breat he out and after two seconds the needle was through at it had been just as painless as before. I went back outside, got another care sheet, paid and was told just to come back if I had any problems. Yet again, another positive experience after hearing some horror stories from people who went elsewhere :)

I went and met up with my mum in the town after, she thought it was hilarious I couldn't talk properly- and also thought the two suited me better than the one, and suddenly decided that she definitely liked them. My friends surprised when I went to meet them the next day too, they got a laugh at the cinema as I tried to pick up our tickets while not being able to talk properly.

I did the same as before for aftercare, cleaned the piercing with the right solution and used mouthwash to clean my mouth each night before I went to bed. I still clean the piercing and the jewellery regularly, and always make sure that there's no signs of keloids or bumps in general. If you want to keep your piercing you have to keep it clean first.

Since then I've started a job where they don't mind my piercings as long as I wear retainers, so it's all good. There's a chance I'll be working somewhere where they encourage piercings soon too!

If you're thinking of getting snakebites, or even just the one lip piercing, I would definitely say go for it as long as you get it done by a professional. They look good on pretty much anybody and as long as you get it done in a good piercing shop and remember the correct aftercare, you'll have no problems :) Plus, as an extra from mine, I've gained more confidence in my appearance! I'm thinking of getting a septum piercing done sometime soon, and I already have another appointment with the same piercer at the same studio to get my navel pierced- I can't wait!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kirsty
Studio: Outer+Limits
Location: Stirling%2C+Scotland

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