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Surprisingly Fantastic

To start things off, I'm of course going to give out a warning. The way I go about my DIY piercings isn't very smart and is not recommended. The risks I take, I take fully educated on what consequences could arise from them. I do not encourage following in the way I do things. It's always best to go to a professional.

Moving on...

I'm a big big fan of frenulum piercings. I've previously added a story on here about a tongue web piercing and I'd like to continue the updates on my DIY oral experiences.

It was yesterday afternoon around 4 when I had a quite out of the blue urge to do a 'smiley' piercing. Mostly out of curiosity, that's why I do most piercings-just to experience having them. I've always thought smileys were a cute piercing-especially on girls- but would probably not be very fitting on myself. They always seemed like a more feminine girly kind of piercing, and me not being girly made it doubtful I'd like the end result. Much to my surprise, it was simply gorgeous. And might I add, I was a complete idiot for thinking smiley piercings had to look cute and dainty.

Anyway, once the mood had stuck me, I grabbed all the tools I needed. A 16g needle, a ring to put through, rubbing alcohol (the most sterile household object I could find) caviside wipes, rubber gloves, hydrogen peroxide, and a locked door.

I brushed my teeth, gargled with the hydrogen peroxide, and used a mild numbing solution I use for all my oral piercings. *It's nice too, not only is it designed to temporarily numb your mouth/throat; it's made to kill germs as well. * I cleaned off the area I was going to do it in, washed my hands, snagged a clean pair of rubber gloves and began investigating exactly where I wanted it.

Placement was easy. There's really only so much room to drive a needle through and it's pretty hard to get it crooked. And, BIG SHOCKER, the little bit of skin I have there is perfect for piercing. I was ecstatic.

I grabbed the needle (16 gauge) and gently pressed it against the delicate itty-bitty strip of flesh. I've attempted doing a smiley before but without the numbing solution it hurt too much for my liking. Not unbearable, but more than what I was used to from previous frenulum piercings. Lucky for me though, it was numb enough for me to slide the needle through with ease. Not surprisingly, I heard a bit of a 'pop' and saw the other end of the come through. There was a bit of 'tent action' going on-the opposite side of skin was going with the needle as opposed to lying flat like it should. So I had to press it down, but no big deal. The actual PIERCING took about a minute. It went by very quickly and wasn't bad at all.

I sat around for maybe 5 minutes (tops) with the needle in my mouth, VERY uncomfortable. Especially when I wanted to slip the jewelry in, I couldn't figure out how to maneuver the needle and my lip, so I sat there in pain fiddling with it for about 60 seconds. Once I figured everything out, it all went smoothly. The jewelry went in perfectly. (Really, because I had to use a SEWING needle –tsk tsk on my part- it's usually more difficult to get jewelry in. However the hole was nice and big and dying for me to add some pretty decoration) A small 16g horseshoe shaped barbell. Cute. Easy to get on. And, it fit me well. Typically getting the balls on those things is the worst part of any piercing I've ever done myself. It's a tedious pain in the ass, and they're so small and slippery. To my sheer amazement I spent about 30 seconds screwing on the ball. Didn't drop it once, no swearing, nothing. I wasn't even going to bother with a captive bead, that's pushing it, but I do recom mend the horseshoe shaped barbells.

Oddly enough though, everyone who has one says it's a piercing you can't really hide. Every time you smile, and even with certain words you say, its there gleaming for the entire world to see. But for me, I can choose if I want it to show when I smile or not, without restraining my lips or just talking like a fool in general. It's pretty neat.

It's been almost 24 hours since I pierced it, very very mild swelling, and hardly any pain just a bit of discomfort if my tongue touches it. It's a very wonderful piercing and I'm very glad I got it.

Now you see me

Now you don't


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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