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my brand new badass monroe!

So I seem to be on a piercing spree as of late. Around St. Patrick's Day, I got my nose pierced. That was big, because before then I only had my ears pirced once each, and getting my nose done was a huge step for me. It didnt really hurt, and I loved it. I felt pretty cool, and then I saw a bunch of like, 12 year old teenyboppers with it done, and I was like, wtf? So I decided I wanted to get something else pierced too (not just cuz of the kids, but I was bitten by the piercing bug) but hadn't decided on what. I had seen a couple of people with their monroe done, and I thought it looked pretty cool. My boyfriend told me (kinda jokingly lol) that I wasn't allowed anymore faial piercings until I had my ears done again, because I shouldnt have more piercings in my face then my ears. So about 2 weeks ago I got my second holes done.

So now I wanted to wait a little bit before I got my monroe, because I wanted to let my ears heal a little bit first. So last week me and my girlfriends went out and my one friend wanted to get her medusa done, so we deicded we will go together. We never really picked a date, just that we'd go. Last night at work I decided that today will be the day. I didn't work or have school today, so there was really no reason to not get it done. I called her up yesterday and we made the date. Our other girlfriend went too, as emotional support and to give us a ride.

So around 1 pm we get to Perfect Image, which is where all of our friends go to get their piercings. It's where I got my nose done, and my girlfriend got her nose, septum and belly button done at. We arrive and talk to the counter person and pay for everything and we are set. I was surprised that we didnt get to pick out a colour or anything, but I guess I wouldve picked the one I got anyway (which was a standard silver barbell kinda thing). So the girl was just finishing lunch I think and we only had to wait a couple minutes. I was not overly nervous, and my friend who was getting the medusa told me I had to go first, which was fine with me, I kinda wanted to go first and get it over with anyway.

We go into the little room and I sit on the chair and we talked for a bit, and she was really cool. I swirled around some mouthwash and I told her what side I wanted it on and she marked it. She made me smile and not a lot and picked a good spot for it. She then cleaned it and all that good stuff, and then put on the clamps. She pierced it from the inside of my mouth outward, which I wasn't too happy about (I think it hurts more that way, but what do I know?) and she put the jewelery in. I won't lie, it did hurt a bit. Some people say they didn't feel it, but I did. It was a small pinch, but it wasn't too bad. Now I always always always get really faint after I get any kind of needle (even booster shots) and I started getting faint when she was putting on the ball. I leaned back as soon as she finished and felt better. My lip went numb (and it still kinda is) and she said that it's my body's natural reaction. Well thank you for being numb body lol.

So after a few minutes of calming down, I switched chairs with my friend and she got her medusa done. I found it really hard to laugh or smile or even talk really for the first half hour or so, but after that it was ok. The piercer explained after care and whatnot and I tipped her and we left. We went shopping for a bit and got something to eat. That was kind of hard but I just ate with the other side of my mouth and it was ok. I bought some mouth wash they suggested and swished that around after eating.

So it was now been like, 4 hours since I got it done, and it seems fine now. My lips are swollen and I am now glad I have a long post because my lip is swollen out to the ball. In 2 weeks or so I think I'll go back and get it changed to a smaller one, and probably one of those plastic type ones, because I don't want it to ruin my teeth. And my boyfriend's mom will flip if she sees my metal one (she is hardcore oral hygiene). It feels kinda weird still, like there is food stuck under my lip and a few times I've taken my tongue to try to get it out lol. But I can smile and mostly laugh and talk now, and I am excited! No beer for a week (boo that will be hard) but I can still drink liquer and mixed drinks and stuff, so I am good!

I am so happy with my monroe and I can't wait to show it off at work tomorrow. I think out of 300 employees I am the only one who has it done, and it's still not a very common piercing, which makes me feel cool. If your thinking about it, get it done! It may hurt a pinch, but it goes away after and it's so worth it! I am happy I did.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: jordan
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Location: london%2C+ontario

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