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Didn't hurt the first time...

So, this story is about getting my lip pierced (much to my mother's dismay) but she doesn't like any modification I've ever gotten, so she just deals with it at this point and doesn't complain too much any more.

I had thought about getting this piercing for a while before I actually did it but when I actually went and got it done, it was completely on a whim after work one day, much like my tongue ring, but I digress. So, whilst leaving work one day, I decided, "hey, today is the day" and headed on over to Woodfield. Sadly, Marche Noir is no longer there, I think it's a US Cellular now.

But I went in and had a chat with Art who sort of remembered me from a few surface piercings and problems with the septum ring and what not. First things first, I had to pick some jewelry that wasn't going to destroy my gums or be one of those piercings that screams to your boss 'hey, look at me! I violate the dress code!" At this point and still now I have two jobs with a 'no facial piercing' policy and at that point only one of them ever enforced it really, so I ended up deciding on a petite pink bezel set stone. Looked nice, didn't cry for attention, so we went with it.

So now I'm sitting, standing, and walking around the little piercing room as we talk about exact placement. It had already been decided that I wanted it on the right side of my lip and from there it was mostly fine tuning. It needed to be a little bit lower to try and compensate for the gums and also because I had the desire to be the 'weekend hoop wearer,' which is just switching it to a hoop when I leave work and then putting the stud back in later. We picked a spot on the outside for where it was going to come out and I was happy.

He had me lie down at this point and started in with the clamp. "One, two three" and it's through. I'm thinking, "awesome, it barely hurt and now I just hop up, check it out, then I'm out of here." But alas, I was wrong. He got the gem on and everything and tells me "sit up, take a look" and so I go over to the little mirror, but before I can even make it that far I realize that the disc on the inside of my lip is rubbing right up against my teeth. Now, while I may not be a professional of any kind relating to this matter, I do know that metal disc + teeth = bad. I point this out to him, he says lay down, let's check it out. I do, he does, and he says "damn."

Then we talked about our options. He says we can leave it and hope it doesn't cause much damage (which he highly recommended against), take it out, let it heal and come back and do it again, or take it out and repierce it right away. I don't overly feel like paying that much money again especially if all I'm leaving with today is a fat lip, so I chose to do it again right now.

Here's where it starts to get fun. I think the only way anyone would even notice this at this point is if we X-rayed my head and I was wearing a metal stud, but the inside of my lip ring is just slightly angled lower than the outside. That was the only way we were going to be able to keep the perfect placement on the outside and do our best to prevent chipping my teeth away on the inside. So he breaks out the clamps and everything else again, and we try for it one more time. I can feel him lining the needle up on the inside of my lip again, except now it's already sore from being stabbed once. Again with the 'one two three' except this time, I almost screamed.

This is when it started bleeding and swelling. Because it had to get done twice in 5 minutes, four days later I was back in begging for a longer bar. When the apprentice girl (whose name I forget but she is such a sweetheart) finally leans in and takes a look at it, she agreed with my suggestion to put a longer post in. Unfortunately, the amount of ibuprofen needed to tame a lip that has started embedding a piercing is not a safe amount. After we get it all changed out I felt so much better. Eating still wasn't fun, but getting easier. For the longest time I would catch the back of the bar on my teeth and pull. This problem got solved by a horseshoe that I put in. That whole thing was a fluke too.

I was trying to change the stud a few months after getting pierced, and my boyfriend and I lost the front to the new one and had tugged enough on my lip to make it swell to the point of not being a good idea to put the original one back in. So I grabbed the first thing I could find, which ended up being a bit too small horseshoe. After that started making my lip feel like it was being cut in half I went out and I think it was a 1/2" horseshoe that saved the day. Just a little bit too big but not in a horrendous way. Lip went back down to normal size and all was well.

I just recently changed back to a stud but with a bioplast or something like that post instead of metal. I think the gem on the front is probably too small because the answer to the question of 'if pulled hard enough from the back, will the front of the stud go through my lip' is yes. But it's all healed just fine now and I couldn't be happier. I think I'd eventually like to go for snakebites, but the boyfriend isn't too keen on the idea.

Thanks for reading, good luck, happy piercings, and contact me with any questions if you have any :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Art+Scott
Studio: Marche+Noir
Location: Schaumburg%2C+Il

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