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Cheeky Cheeky

Ok Ive wanted cheek piercings for a while now. I think they are the most gorgeous piercing if they are on the right person. I'd researched them for hours on end on the net. I'd asked friends who'd had them what to expect. I looked on the websites of loads of piercers around my area to see how much it would cost. (even though I knew where I wanted it done) and I read up on ther peoples experiences and found only a few negatie ones but mostly positives.

Finally I was ready to get them. I'm not a piercing virgin I have had over 20 (tongue twice. lip 5 different places. nose one on each side. belly button twice. wrist. both nipples. two flesh tunnels. tragus. conch. 9 seperate ear piercings) but still I was nervous. My lovely husband gave me £100 to spend on whatever I wanted and I thought either a tattoo or piercing. I went to the tattoo place but couldnt see anything I liked. My husband said that I'd wanted my cheeks pierced for ages so why didnt I do that. I wasnt sure about getting them done that day but I thought I'd go and ask about it.

I got my brother in law to drive me over to metal fatigue and I went up with his girlfriend just to ask about it. I asked how much it was for both and pain wise how bad it was. then I decided it was either now or never. if I hadnt have done it then I would have talked my self out of it. There was a few people coming in and it was nearly closing time so I thought I'd better do it then or I'd miss my chance. the whole time he was piercing someone else (eyebrow I think) I was nervous. I hadnt had a piercing for over 2 years.

I was in the waiting room with another girl and I was talking to her about it and she helped me keep my mind off of the pain and keep it on how good they were going to look. he'd finished the eyebrow piercing and it was my turn next.

so I signed all the forms and paid the money while he went to set up.

I sat in the chair and taked to him about it. he went through the whole procedure and all the dangers and things to expect. He went throught the after care then he got all the jewellery sorted and then he marked my cheek. It didnt take long at all and finially he was ready to do the piercing.

I closed my eyes (I cant stand the sight of needles) and he counted 1 2 3 and did the first cheek. It was nothing like I thought it was going to be it hurt less than my labret. Just a small pich and it was through. The jewellery went in easily no problems. He wasted no time in doing the other cheek which again didnt hurt at all. And he put the balls on he said he wasnt going to but 6s on because they look sutpidly big. I stood up and looked in the mirror and instantly fell in love with them. Smilling hurt alot but I couldnt stop grinning. He said to come back if the jewellery was to tight or when it was healed to change it. In total I was in there for 20mins.

My brother in laws girlfriend said they looked good. (she has no piercings I'm taking her to get her first soon) I showed a few friends and they said it suited me and I've had mixed reactions to them. I supose with all my other facial piercings I look a bit much but I love it! Someone said it looked like I had been attacked by a bat with studs in it!

The swelling didnt start until a day or so after. we had friends round the night after I had it done and they were making me laugh all night. It was agony! The swelling went more inwards than out wards which was good.

Now 3 days after I had them done the swelling is still quite bad. I look like I'm storing food for the winter in my cheeks!!!! But it's not hurting that much. It itches more than hurts. Sleeping is not to bad but when I wake up they hurt alot (usually passes within 10 mins) I'm using ice and cold drinks to ease the swelling and I cant wait to see them when they've gone down a bit. I think they are my favourite piercings so far. (hubbys not too sure about them still!)

Even if I decide to take them out (cant see that happening anytime soon) I'll be left with lovely dimples!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 June 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sarge
Studio: Metal+Fatigue
Location: Bournemouth

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