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For the last year or so, I've been really interested in body mods. I have stretched my ears and had my lip pierced. It's weird, because for me, I tend to develop an attraction toward piercings that I generally hated before. I never liked the look of stretched ears until a year ago, and until a few months before, I wasn't too fond of the idea of a philtrum, or as it's commonly known, a Medusa. A few weeks before I got it, i remember seeing this gorgeous girl who had her upper lip pierced. With a little help from BME, I learned that this was a philtrum piercing. I hadn't seen it much before, but after a week or so, I realized that I really liked it, and the idea of having it. I liked that it was more original then a lip piercing, which seemed to be getting more and more popular.

I talked to my mom, who wasn't very fond of the idea. For a while, she flat out said no, telling me that she had already taken me, and telling me that I should be happy with what I've already got. After some discussion, she decided that I could get it when I could afford to pay for it myself. This took a few weeks to save up for, and when I finally got the money, I was stoked.

I had been reading experiences on BME, and from what a lot of them said (along with talking to people who already had it done), I gathered that it would be a rather painful piercing. Most of the things that I had read said that it was pretty bad, so I was kind of scared. I've always had a fear of needles, so it was sort of an internal debate on if I wanted to go through with it.

Eventually, I decided that I was going to go for it. I got ready when I came home from school. I got my stuff together, and I brushed my teeth again, super good. I know I personally would not want to be piercing the mouth of someone who's breath and teeth were disgusting, so I made sure I was good. When my mom got home, we went. Along the way, she tried to convince me it was a bad idea. She told me that she was certain it would hurt A LOT, and that it would be hard to heal. I told her that I was sure that I wanted to go through with it.

Half an hour later, we arrived at Strange City. I talked to the lady at the front, and we looked at some jewelry. We decided on a 16g threadless labret stud. She said that this would be best, because the smaller gauge would make a smaller back, and would be more comfortable. I picked a front for it, filled out some forms, and went into the room.

My heart felt like it was in my throat and my stomach at the same time. She had me sit on the table-thing while she marked my lip. I looked in the mirror, and the placing looked fantastic. I was impressed. She had me lay down, and cleaned the outside of my lip, and then the inside. She took a toothpick and some ink. she traced a line down my lip, then marked the inside. she looked at the inside of my lip, and at that piece of skin that connects my gum to my lip. She poked and prodded a bit, and flipped my lip. She marked the inside, and measured it to the front. Then, she re-marked again, and took about ten minutes making sure it was perfect.

After this, she took a needle. She asked me again if I had ANY questions at all, and she explained to me what would be done. She was going to pierce from the inside out, and that I would feel a slight burning sensation on the inside, then a large pinch when it penetrated through the outside of my lip.

I took a deep breath. It sounded like it would be painful. I saw her put the needle to my lip, and took a deeeep breath. I felt an extremely sharp pinch, that lasted for a few seconds, and then I felt her put the top in. She took gauze and pinched the two parts together, and let me look in the mirror.

It was PERFECT! It was perfectly centered, and looked fantastic. I thanked her and went to the front. She went over aftercare with me, and gave me some tips. I payed, and we left.

After the first night, it didn't have a piercing feeling. When I got my lip pierced, there was a constant pinching, stinging feeling for the next few days, but with my philtrum, the pain went away very quickly. It's reasonably easy to clean, and is doing fantastic.

It isn't very painful, and is definitely worth getting if you're interested. I highly recommend Strange City on Whyte Ave to anyone in the Edmonton Area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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