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Snake Bites, small planet sized lip.

Although I have been into piercings for as long as I can remember, my parents aren't into it, and made me wait until I was 18 to get anything done (although my ears are stretched and I pierced my ears myself, about 14 times...which I have to warn you is extremly unsafe and something you should never do.) so on my 18th birthday my friend and I went to Custom Ink and Steel to get my septum done (my first choice obviously because it can be flipped up.) but I've wanted my lip pierced since I was about 12 or 13.

Later that week, I started talking to my boss about piercings, and she mentioned that she didn't care what I get done. So of course my first instinct was to just go crazy and get everything I've ever even considered getting, but finally I settled on my lip; specially snake bites. Two some how just seemed a million times better then one.

Then about a month after that, when the same friend and I were out and about, we thought we would go to Flint for some lunch, and to visit Custom so I can get my snake bites. When we got there we talked to some of the tattoo artist for awhile, I filled out the required paper work and talked to Neko, the dude who does my piercings, about whether or not I wanted labret studs or rings. I asked what he thought, and he told me that labret studs heal faster. We went into the little room where it all goes down, and got started.

My friend is always more nervous then I am when I do these sorts of things. While I'm tapping my fingers and making jokes, she's burying her face into the shirt of who ever is next to her and making scared noises. But Neko is badass; he's really nice, and funny, but also serious and quiet. You can tell that he really cares about what he's doing; you can tell that he really wants to do a good job. He had to clean me up, which consisted of rinsing my mouth out a lot. Then he marked the places where the piercing would go, and then measured the distance between, and then from each dot to the side of my mouth (which I was really thankful for, because oddly enough if he didn't, I never would have thought to ask...) it must have been exact because he then exclaimed "God I'm good!!" and we all laughed.

I'm probably missing some things, but the next thing I remember he was saying something like, "Okay I'll count to three and then you take a deep breath..." and before I knew it, there was a needle in my mouth. It really didn't hurt at all, although I know almost no one will believe me. My septum hurt like hell, and it was sore immediately afterwards...this was different, I was just suddenly really aware of my mouth.

After the stud was put in, he did the same thing for the other side, which also didn't hurt at all. After it was done, he asked if the studs felt comfortable, or if they were too tight. He told what to do to clean them, and how long they would take to heal. He told me about what mouth wash to use, and how often. Lastly he told me that my lip is going to swell up. I paid him, we shook hands, and I told him I would be seeing him again soon.

That was on the 5th, and today is the 8th. My bottom lip is about the size of a small planet. The right side (the one that was pierced first) is a lot worse then the left side. The left side looks, and feels, near perfect. Although all of the swelling has gone down a lot, it's been the worse in the morning. The outside is healing really well though, and other then when I wake up, and when I eat, it really isn't that sore. I have big lips anyway, and I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, so there is a fair amount of worry that the swelling isn't normal. But I rinse my mouth constantly. Along with always rotating and washing the front of my snake bites. I really, really love them too, especially with my septum, I think they are beautiful. I figure that if it doesn't start looking a little better everyday, by Monday, then I'll call him up, and ask what I should do.

Lastly, Neko is really awesome. If you live in the area he's definitely the person you should see, both because of how fucking awesome he is at what he does, and because of how nice he is as a person. I would absolutely never let anyone else stick needles in my face.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Neko
Studio: Custom+Ink+and+Steel
Location: Flint%2C+MI

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