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My DIY centre labret piercing!

First of all, I'd like to say that this happened six days ago, not a week ago. But close enough. Hehe. Second of all, I'd like to stress that while I performed the procedure myself, I had done several months' worth of research, and ordered in all the correct equipment. I do not condone people jabbing random safety pins through their face in a serious attempt at self-piercing, even though I did something similar with this. I have been known to act stupidly.

Right, now, on to the experience.

I'd decided that I wanted a new piercing about three weeks ago, and at first I was set on doing my tongue web, which I'd also researched thoroughly on for months beforehand, and this is what I'd actually ordered the equipment for.

Then, -stupidly I know, don't do this- I got bored one day, and decided to stick a stud through my centre labret, just to see how it looked. I was surprised at how much (I thought) it suited me, and immediately changed my mind to use my equipment to do that instead.
I was happy in my knowledge of the procedure, and what to use/not to use and to do/not to do, so I sat around waiting for my things to arrive.
I'd also ordered a stainless steel labret bar and a PTFE bar, both pre-autoclaved, and both long enough (10mm), so I knew I had the correct jewellery.

Once my equipment arrived, I rushed upstairs, looking forward to having a large piece of sharp metal going through my lip. I love the anticipation leading up to a piercing. I washed my hands with antibacterial soap, snapped on the gloves, swilled with medicated mouthwash, unsheathed the needle, got the jewellery out and sat them in alcohol to soak.
Once I was satisfied they were totally sterile, I marked up my face with a brand new Sharpie (I don't know if it's good or bad to use Sharpies). It took me three attempts to be satisfied with the placement.

I then took the clamp out of its' packet, clamped my face, brandished the needle at the little black dot on my face, took a deep breath and slowly started pushing it through.
- Anyone who has ever self-pierced will know that it's difficult to do it quickly and smoothly.

To be totally honest, it didn't hurt at all until it went through the flesh and I had to start puncturing the skin in my mouth, one, because it's more sensitive there, and two, because by now the plastic tubing around the needle blade was stretching the hole a bit wider.But then, before I knew it, the needle was through, and I made it so my lip was about halfway along the plastic tubing before I removed the blade. It was a bit sore by now, but nothing I couldn't handle, although I did have to stop myself shaking and wipe the tears that had sprang to my eyes. - My eyes water at the smallest of things. If I sneeze, I get tears running down my face like anything, so it's not that it hurt terribly or anything. I then realised, fuck, I haven't got anything to trim the plastic down with so I could thread the stud into it. So I ran downstairs, got a pair of scissors, dipped them in alcohol and trimmed the plastic tubing down. I then got the steel bar, threaded it into the tube, and slowly but surely pulled the plastic back out of my face. As soon as the bar was in place, my face felt a lot happier, so I held the back of it with my finger, pushed it tight against my face and screwed the ball into place.

I then swilled again and took some Ibuprofen, and I was in love with that new bit of metal in my lip.

I've been cleaning regularly with salt water solution and medicated mouthwash, although today I've been a bit lazy, so I must sort that out. Regardless of laziness, it's healing remarkably well, and I'm very pleased with it. It's just a bit tedious having to mouthwash after eating, and I keep sleeping on it, so I tend to wake up with quite a sore face, with the bar usually coated in some lovely sticky goo. I also tend to get a ring of whitish yellow crust from where whatever I have on the end of the bar has pressed into my face whilst sleeping on it, and that's NOT nice to clean off.

Since I performed the procedure, I've bought some extra jewellery bits, like an 8mm stem for when it's safe to change, and an 8mm bar with a black spike. I've got the spike, which I sterilised first, obviously, on my 10mm bar at the moment.

Here's a picture that I took earlier on today. What great hair!:

It looks slightly off-centre, but that's because I'm sucking it in that photo, hehe.

Well, anyway, I hope you enjoyed my experience!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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