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my 16g vertical labret - an almost disasterous experience

I got my vertical labret done today. I'm very happy with it but, mind you, today could easily have turned into the stuff that piercing horror stories are made of.

I got to the place a little early and went in. They weren't busy but the place smelt like cigarette smoke and they had a little child running around, pulling the laminated tattoo displays off of the walls. The place looked a little dirty and immediately made me uneasy.

The guy that got the signs to form didn't know what a vertical labret was and my appointment was only written down in the appointment book as a labret. I asked how many vert labrets they'd pierced before and the guy said 'not many' but then proceeded to assure me that he'd seen some and they'd done a couple while he was here but he went to get the guy who was piercing me.

The piercist came out and he was a big dirty, rough looking guy. I try not to judge on appearances but the idea of him piercing my lip made me feel dirty and uneasier. I told him what piercing I wanted and he asked what that was. I almost freaked out and it made me so cranky to think he didn't know what it was. Then I explained what it was and he told me it was really uncommon and he'd never seen anyone with that done but he reassured me that he'd been piercing for 12 years and had done over 200 regular labrets. That didn't reassure me at all. 12 years experience and no idea what a vert labret was.

So I told him I didn't really want to get pierced if he didn't know what it was. He told me he could stick a needle anywhere I wanted and then proceeded to inform me that they did dermal punching there too; 'they were experienced'. I refused as politely as I could and then he told me to 'get out of his shop'. I thought it was pretty rude but by then I was disappointed and pretty peeved so I just left, minus what I thought would be my new vertical labret piercing. Needless to say, I'm never getting any mods done there.

So I went home, scorned and disappointed but as soon as I got home I flicked through the phonebook and called the only other piercest in my area; Hairhouse Warehouse. The lady that answered the phone was incredibly polite and when I asked if they pierced vertical labrets she checked with their piercist and then came back and told me that, yes, they did and then I asked how many they'd done, she went and asked him and then told me that they'd done a fair few - he knew what the piercing was and had pierced it before. That already seemed better than the other piercist I had an appointment with.

They luckily had an appointment open at 5:15 today. She told me I could come in and talk it over with piercist and decide if I really did want it done. Then I asked her how much it would cost and surprisingly she told me $50, jewellery inclusive. The other piercist I had been to was going to charge me $90! So, albeit a little delayed, I would be getting my vert labret today.

So after what seemed like an agonisingly long wait 'till 5:15 I rocked up to HW and the piercist was running pretty late. By the time I got into the little piercing room it was after 5:30.

First thing I noticed was how clean the room was. That already made me feel reassured. The piercist himself was relly lovely: friendly, knowledgable and accommodating. I asked him a couple of questions (what gauge needle I'd be pierced with, what jewellery he'd be putting in, etc) and then he asked me a couple of questions while he was prepping.

He wiped down my lip with isopropyl alcohol wipes which, mind you, taste wretched I'm sure you know. Then he took about 5 minutes to mark it out. It looked really straight to me. He said he'd lined the markings up with my septum piercing and they looked very right to me so he put the clamps on my lip. Many people have said this is the most uncomfortable part but for me it wasn't uncomfortable at all. They were a little tight on my lip but not unbearably so.

Then he asked me if I wanted to be told when he was going to stick the needle in but, no way, I did not want to know. He told me to close my eyes so I did.

I could feel the point of the needle touching my lower lip and for that one moment I almost backed out. I was shaking in anticipation and then he finally pushed the needle through.

I could feel the needle pushing through and it was burning but the worst bit was pushing through the top layer of my lip. That burned, but not unbearably and I was pretty shaky after he'd put the needle in but I was fairing okay.

Then after a moment he eased the jewellery in and that was a little painful but by then the burning was starting to numb my lip a little. The jewellery (16g 10mm straight barbel) was in and the ball screwed back on in moments - I didn't even realise it was all done until he told me so.

Then he ran through the aftercare, and gave me some solution to clean it with and I paid and left the shop a happy little munchkin.

It's currently a little swollen at the moment but it no longer hurts (it stopped hurting about an hour after piercing) and now I'm getting used to a barbel in my lip. I'm really quite loving it. I can't wait to show it off to people, to be honest. The vertical labret is definitely a lovely piercing.

Overall I'm really happy with this piercing and the experience of getting it. My piercist was lovely and allowed me to have a great first professionally done piercing experience. Although I guess it pays to shop around when it comes to piercing as I would've hated to have my vertical labret done by a dirty, inexperienced and overpriced environment and have it turn out horribly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Unknown%2C+unfortunately
Studio: Hairhouse+Warehouse
Location: Albury%2C+NSW

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