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Lip Piercing

I made the final decision to get my lip pierced after my sister in law showed me hers. Now, I had always wanted to pierce my lip, but never could because at the time, I lived with my parents and had promised them that I wouldn't get anymore while I was still living under their roof (though I've gotten most of my lower body piercings and my tongue done at that time.) There was the small problem with my job not allowing facial piercings while working with customers.

The thing is, my sister in law was the LAST person I thought would get a lip piercing. Rightly so, as she said the only reason she got it was because she knew that everyone thought that was the last thing she would do (at the time, suffering from a mid-mid life crisis). She ended up taking it out a couple of months later, but that's beside the point. The fact was, she had one, I didn't, and I wanted one really bad.

So I did what I thought was a really good idea at the time. I took an old ring that I used to keep on my nipple. I pulled the ball off and slipped the ring on my lip. The next morning, I came to breakfast with my freshly "pierced" lip and suffered the wrath of my parents. I then went to work, which was a bit harder, but my boss wasn't working that day, so all I heard was "So and so is gonna flip when they see that big ass ring in your lip!" I went the entire day with that ring on my lip. It was a Friday.

Saturday morning, my boyfriend, his brother and my sister in law (at the time, my boyfriend's brother's wife, but you get the idea. At the time, he was my boyfriend, now he is my husband, so officially... yada yada yada) drove to Koi Piercing Studio in Salt Lake City. By far, THE BEST PIERCING STUDIO IN UTAH hands down. I will promote the fine individuals working there until the day I die, or until the studio is no longer. Marty and Patrick are my piercers and they have the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and truly cared for. The girl working the front desk is hot too, but not so hot where her nose is stuck in the air and she gets cranky when people hit on her. I have the biggest girl crush on her. Don't tell her, you'll blow my cover.

Patrick would be piercing me today. He is the one who pierced my sister in law's lip, and while we were waiting, he checked her to make sure she was healing well. After inspecting my jewelry (14g studded barbell, double long to accommodate for swelling) signing the paperwork, having my driver's license scanned, paying the amount (I don't remember the exact amount, but not overpriced), I waited patiently for Patrick to call me into the back.

I get called into the room and hop into the dentist type chair (with stirrups? Not exactly sure what you would call that, a gynecologist chair?) and waited to have my lip pricked. Patrick made small talk, made me laugh to calm me down like he usually does (talk of Utah drivers and their idiotic driving practices usually does that) and I sat silently as he marked my lip using a toothpick dipped in ink. I have a slight bow to my bottom lip and I wanted the ring to be far enough underneath to where it wasn't too visible. Patrick knew exactly what I was talking about. He told me he would also be piercing me at a slight angle so that the post would be over my bottom teeth, making it harder to chip or molest my enamel. He marked, stood back, stared, marked, stood back, stared, made funny faces, got up close, got far away, and finally gave me a mirror to see if I was as happy with the placement as he was. I was.

At this time, my boyfriend, brother in law and sister in law are all packed in the room staring at me. Various piercing items where set out on a tray in front of me. Gloves were changed numerous times. Clamps are in place and the needle is hovering inside my lip, though, never touches skin until Patrick tells me to take a deep breath. When I exhale, the needle is pushed through my lip. It feels like I bit my lip and hurts as long as it takes for me to realize that I now have a needle through my lip. Patrick then swiftly pushes the bar through, screws on the ball and I'm done.

For the most part, I left my piercing alone. I swished inside with a sea salt and warm water mixture and then coated a cotton ball with the same solution to soak the outside of my piercing. Two weeks later, I got a call from Patrick asking how my piercing was doing and asking for me to come in so he could check it. My swelling had gone down a great deal and we switched the barbell to a smaller post. A month later, we switched to an even smaller post and smaller disk that fits tightly against my inner lip so that it never touches my teeth. I was also able to buy a smaller ball on the front.

Right now, if I were to slightly suck my piercing in, you could not tell I had a piercing. If I push it out slightly, you can see a small gleam of my tiny ball. Patrick positioned it in such a way that you can't tell I even have my lip pierced unless I want you to because it is sitting slightly below the bow of my lip.

I've never any problems. All in all, this is a wonderful piercing. The only advice I can give is to play around with placement in the mirror before getting it done so that you're not just relying on your piercer's judgment. Mess with it as little as possible.

By the way, when I went back home, my parents were just happy that I got a stud instead of that "ridiculous ring" in my lip. My manager never knew I had a piercing until somebody let it slip a couple of months later and she asked to see it. She loved it and liked the fact that she didn't even know I had one unless I showed her.

And if you are thinking of getting a piercing in the Utah area, please go to Koi Piercing Studio in Salt Lake City. Really, I can't praise those guys (and drool over that girl) enough. I adore them all and I'm really sad that I've decided to get no more piercings on the account that I no longer live in Utah and I really don't trust anyone here to pierce me. Sadly, once you've had the best, it's hard to just settle for any other strange person with a needle in their hand.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Patrick
Studio: Koi+Piercing+Studio
Location: Salt+Lake+City

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