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Great Labret Experience in Madison, WI

Over the past month I've done a lot of research online/on BME about labrets and looked at tons of photos. Do I want a lowbret? A lip ring? Off to one side or in the middle? Lip rings are not something I like. Being in my 30s, I think that is definitely more of a younger person's thing. I was looking for something I would keep for a long while, like my tongue ring. I liked the idea of it being right under my lip but with how full my lips are and where my teeth are behind the lip, the disk would get caught on my teeth and abrade the enamel. I'm all about symmetry so I decided on a plain old labret right in the middle above the swell of my chin.

I went to Blue Lotus Tattoo & Piercing Lounge's west Madison location on Odana road today after work to find out when the piercer I wanted was working and to ask a few questions. The procedure was $55. I wanted a jeweled ball so that was an extra $5. They also have after care items for sale like alcohol-free mouthwash and sea salt. While I was asking my questions, Myke asked if I wanted to get it done this afternoon since he'd be available in about 15 minutes. I decided all of my questions were answered and Myke was very personable so I said yes.

While Myke did another piercing the counter girl took my ID and did the paperwork and processed my payment. I was only sitting in the waiting room for three minutes or so before he was ready. He took his time and explained every step before doing it. I chose a 16g SS 3/8 (for the swelling) with a SS ball with a peridot stone. I swished mouthwash for a whole minute. Myke measured and remeasured for accuracy and because the connective tissue between my lip and gums has 3 tendons instead of only one. While he was doing all this he asked where I was from, where I got my tongue done and we found that we had a lot in common. I grew up a military brat, he left the military for a career as a piercer. We are both from the East Coast. Like I said, he is very gregarious and easy to relax around.

He showed me everything he was going to use and explained how he would use it. Myke marked where the piercing would go and had me check in the mirror. Then he had me lie down on the doctor-like table. The actual procedure was nearly painless. I may have a high tolerance for pain, I've read all of the other accounts in which the pain was described as nearly intolerable. But I've also had my tongue pierced twice and neither time was very painful.

So, the needle went through; outside to in, he pulled the jewelry through, unclamped my lip and screwed on the ball. He had me lie there a few seconds to make sure I was okay and then went through all of the aftercare information. I also received a printout with all the same info to refer to afterwards.

The shop itself is very nice. It has a comfortable waiting room and a kind of Asian feeling walkway where all the tattoo and piercing rooms branch off of. The staff were all very friendly which was very pleasing since some shops have an aire of "I'm so much cooler than you." The website could have a little more info on it but it lists the tattoo artists and the piercers and some examples of their work. It's very nicely designed and is kept up by the piercer, Karcus. The jewelry selection is very good and I will be returning after my labret is healed to switch out the SS bar for a Bio Flex one of a shorter length.

It's about two hours later and my chin is a little swollen. The pain is more of an ache than anything else. I tried to eat something; that didn't work out. Stretching of the area around the piercing is far too sore to move in the way it needs to for me to chew with my mouth closed. That may be a problem, but I'll just have to live on Ensure or SlimFast shakes until the tenderness goes away. That's the price you pay. And hey, maybe I'll lose a few pounds.

The disk on the inside of my mouth is pretty far down and off to the side of the main tendon when I pull my lip out to look at it. Of course when I'm not pulling my lip out, I don't think the placement is off. We'll see how that works out and if it abrades that area. If it does, I know Myke will have no problem taking a look at it.

All in all, a 5 star experience with a 5 star piercer.


submitted by: MrsMelvin
on: 09 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Myke
Studio: Blue+Lotus+Tattoo+and+Piercing+Lounge
Location: Madison%2C+WI

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