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The best piercing

Just like any other day I was considering a new piercing since I hadn't got one in a while and I was getting very bored with my right lip piercing. I ended up deciding to narrow my many choices down to three; all of them I was going to end up taking out my lip stud for, the three choices were my septum, labret or the medusa. The first place I went to help me decide on my choices was BME. The photos and stories and also friend's opinions really helped me narrow it down to either the medusa or septum, the septum seemed easy to hide which would be nice for work. I love body modifications but I thought the medusa would look very simple especially if I got a smaller ball for the stud, my decision was made. Around the same time my best friend decided she finally was going to get her lip pierced so I took her down with me so we could go in together.

Unlike the rest of my piercings I was actually quite nervous about getting my medusa done mostly because I knew that it would probably be more painful then any of my other piercings or even more painful that my tattoo.  After brain washing my head with images and stories I knew I was ready to go and got the guts to call my friend that we were going after school the next day.  The suspense killed me during school waiting to go get it done, I didn't know what to expect, 

The next day I couldn't keep still in class I was so excited to see if I could actually pull of the medusa piercing, I was also scared that It would hurt a lot more then I expected.  Finally the end of school bell rang and I rushed downtown to meet my friend we went to the only place I trust, Sin on skin, this shop did all my piercings except for my lip stud (which I took out anyways.)  I talked to scott the piercier at the shop about what my friend wanted and what I wanted and to see if he had a stud ball that I though was tiny enough (I'm really picky about jewelry looking to big on my face.)  After I saw what he had and picked out the second smallest piece we went in the room while he got ready.   

After he sterilized everything and got his gloves on and the jewelry out he asked which one of use was going first.  I've never seen anyone get pierced before so I decided that my friend should go first also I was quite nervous.  He marked her spot so that it would look good with when she came back for the other side for snakebites in a few months, then got out the clamps.  When everything looked good and he was about to put the needle threw her lip while she was lying down I looked away but looked back and saw the needle just go threw her lip, it was so weird to see it happen to someone else.  Before I knew it she was up ready and it was my turn.  He changed his gloves got the new jewelry out as well as sanitizer and the new clamps and marked my spot with the usual toothpick and ink.  I looked in the mirror hard to make sure it was just what I wanted and in the right spot, I didn't want it to be uneven at all.  Finally when I was positive it was in the rest place I lied down and took the easy 1,2,3 breath.  The pain wasn't any worse then any of my piercings and I was so happy to have it done with, I looked in the mirror and automatically was pleased with it. 

What I liked most about this piercing was how fast it healed and how the pain wasn't that bad although, you could feel it and my friend said I bleed quite a lot.  After about two weeks I went down to get the ball changed into a smaller one and I couldn't be any happier.  This is by far the best piercing I got and so worth taking out my lip for it.  This piercing doesn't nearly bug me like my lip did.  If you're considering a medusa piercing, do it.  The medusa is a great piercing and so worth the little pain you feel.  Just some tips for this piercing, make sure to have a longer bar and don't rush the healing process or touch it at all.  The medusa healed fast for me but it may not heal fast for you so just watch out.  Overall this piercing is worth everything, you'll fall in love with it right away!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Sin+on+Skin
Location: Nova+Scotia

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