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My very first piercing


So this is my very first piercing, I don't even have my ears done. And I have the biggest phobia of needles, but any way, I have wanted my lip pierced for a long long time... about a year and a half. And now I finally have it done.

I was standing in a line at KFC on Monday, and I saw my friend who was also in the line. I noticed he was wearing a shirt that said "Tattoo Nation" on it, so I asked him about it, he mentioned that he works there, and that his father owns it.

We began talking about all the tattoos people get, and eventually, we moved on to piercings. When I mentioned that I wanted my lip pierced, he invited me over to the shop to get it done. I knew that in Australia you only have to be 16 to get it done... Great, except that my birthday is in October, and only then, will I be 16.

I mentioned this to him, and he re-assured me that the age was only 15. So, reluctantly, I went to the shop to check it out.

I got there, and I was talking to the receptionist, and she was positive that the age was 16, so she made a phone call, to check. And what do you know... Its 16, without parental consent, and there's no way in hell my parents would have let me get it done. So, that was it with that idea.

When I got home, I was playing around in Photoshop, and I decided to see if I could make a fake id. I started, and it was actually looking quite real.

Once it was done, I printed it, and laminated it.

The next day, I asked my friend to drive me out to rouse hill to get my piercing, as that is where a few of my friends have had some piercings. He agreed, and we got in the car, along with 3 of my friends.

When we got to rouse hill, I realised I was quite hungry, as I hadn't eaten all day. So I decided to get some food, to help settle my stomach. I didn't want much, so I just bought a kids meal.

When I was ready, we walked to the store and asked to get my lip pierced. They informed me that the piercer wasn't in that day, and a shop about 20m away would do it.

So we went into this new shop, and I asked to get my lip pierced. The lady working was really friendly and helpful. She asked how old I was, and I said 16, she asked to see my id, I handed it to her, and luckily, it worked.

She led me to the piercing room, which stunk of disinfectant, which is probably a good thing.

She got me to lie down on the bed, as she went and got the piercer.

The piercer was also a woman, I can't remember her name, but she was also very helpful, explaining to me, what she was going to do.

She got me to swish some mouth wash inside of my mouth, and then spit it out. Then she put disinfectant on my lip, and marked the point, and asked me if that was alright.

I loved it.

So, she got me to lie down, and I asked her to let me know before she gets the needle out, so I could close my eyes, because I hate needles.

She told me to close my eyes then, as she got out the clamp. She put it on and I felt a slight stinging sensation. I asked her to let me know before she put the needle through, she said she had already done it.

She then put the bar through, and put the ball on, then asked me to stand up and look in the mirror. Once again, I loved it.

She then talked to me for a few minutes on how to look after it.

Now that I was out of the piercing room, one of my friends who came, told me that he was going to get his eyebrow done, then and there. He then calmly walked into the piercing room.

The receptionist told me, that my other 2 friends had gone to EB Games, just next door.

I thanked her, and left the shop. As I was walking, I felt as if I was going to pass out. So I went back to the store. Before I had even had a chance to say anything, the receptionist led me to another room, and showed me to a bed.

I asked her how she knew I was feeling sick, and she said to look in the mirror. I was extremely pale.

She explained what happened, and that it was simply that I didn't have enough sugar that day and the piercing made it worse. She left the room, and a minute later, she came back with a bottle of V.

I drunk it, and I was feeling a lot better. My friends then came into the room I was in too check on me. After that, I was feeling great.

The only thing was, I couldn't talk properly or eat properly, and that I was scared of my parents now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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