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My monroe =] First Facial Piercing

Okay so I know I wanted my monroe after hearing about the piercing and seeing it on others. I'm not sure about any other areas but around mine the piercing is becoming VERY popular which is why I was a tad hesitant at first because I didn't want to get it copying anyone else or anything.

So how it happened was my aunt recently went to Dark Star and got her nose pierced and I was like cool I want a piercing, and she knew I wanted my monroe so she said she would take me next Saturday for my birthday! I was excited because next Saturday was a lot closer in time then I expected.

Next step was convincing my parents my mom it was fairly easy but my dad had a hard time accepting it but I figured I was just get it done and he would learn to love it.

Friday came around and my aunt called me and actually said she could take me that night and I was super excited I called my mom and asked if it was okay and she said sure, just to check with my father so I casually went over to my dad and asked and he had a problem with it once again and said that he really wanted to discuss it with my mom, I was upset but my aunt said she would deffinatley take me on Saturday after he talked to my mom, so I waited another day.

Saturday finally came around and I went at about 8:30, but I forgot my permit and birth certificate and what not so I had to race to meet my mom with it and got it back before 9 when they close. And they arent open on Sundays and I deffinatley didn't want to wait till monday so after I got all that paper work business it was time. I was a little nervous but not too bad because I saw tons of videos on you tube of people getting it done and I read a bunch of BME stories. So I sat in the chair and I had to swish my mouth out with some listerine and he marked the spot, the piercer was nice but pretty quiet he explained what was going on. He was young and pretty cute too so I was probably a little funny acting. Then once I said I liked the spot he told me how he was going to clamp my lip and keep my mouth easy then I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in and when I breathed out he put the needle in and it was a small pinch! Afterwards my lip basically just felt like after you go to the dentist and they numb you and your lip feels puffy, but its really not. Nothing bad as I expected from what I heard and read then he pushed the jewlery through which I didn't really feel and that was it. There was no bleeding or anyting it was easy easy easy. He showed me how it looked in the mirror and I loved it.

It was a little swollen but, not noticible I took Motrin to control it and everyone loved it except for most adults and teachers and stuff they ask why anyone would want holes in their face.But Im sure they wanted a piercing too one time or another Im sure everyone does.

I used H20cean to clean it and I still clean it regularly I also used listerine after I ate but I made sure to dilute it with spring water so it wasn't as strong. Since the bar was long there was a bit of rubbing on my gums which irritated it a little for I would say maybe 2 or 3 days but that passed. Another thing was with the bar being longer it got stuck to my braces and there was some pulling. Which scared me to death at first! But it wasn't unbearable. 2 weeks after I got it done I went back to Dark Star for a shorter bar and a little diamond studd instead of the big ball I had.The outside is still a little red around but when I went to change the bar the piercer said that was normal and that my skin would eventually go back to its regular color.

I love it even though it was my first piercing other than my ears I think it is probably the easiest ever. Anyone thinking about getting it go for it =] It heals quickly its easy to care for and its very fashionable I feel dressed up even if I'm in sweats just cause of my monroe! And if your wondering my dad still doesn't like it, he thinks its a hole in my face forever. PARENTS!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jon+Stairs
Studio: Dark+Star
Location: Massachusetts

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