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Monroe!! Second Attempt Successful!!

It wasn't until this school year that I met what was to be one of my best friends ever. She had four regular ear piercing on each ear with a cartilage on one as well as a tragus piercing. She also has her nose pierced. I guess I was inspired by her to start my own body mods. I was also jealous of my sister's new belly button piercing and decided I wanted more. I got more ear piercings and eventually did my nose and belly button. But my first "hardcore" facial piercing was my monroe. I have really gotten into piercings and when I saw a picture of a monroe, I fell in love with it and decided I just had to have one. For a while I had talked to my mom about getting my nose done for my birthday but since I ended up doing it myself, I changed my mind. When I told her that I wanted a piercing for my birthday she was a bit confused since I had already done my nose. She had no idea about what I was going to ask for. When I told her I wanted a monroe, she was like "what the heck is that??" and when I told her she cringed. She has never been one for facial piercings. I told her I would pay for it but she would just have to consent since I was under 18. Since I had a feeling she wasn't going to let me, I got upset and took trip to the mall. While there, I stopped at a small body-piercing kiosk. There I purchased and 14g piercing needle as well as a pair of clamps and a little black labret. I even had the guy working there mark my face. I was so excited that I was actually going through with this. I just had to wait for my dad to go to bed that night.

I affixed the clamp to my upper lip right where the little black dot was. This was incredibly painful. But I worked up the courage and started to push the needle through. Before I knew it was all of the way through. Just the sight excited me to know it was actually happening. Since I was doing this piercing by myself, I just couldn't get a good position to get the labret to follow the needle. I was beginning to feel faint so I took the needle out and drank water eventually falling asleep. I was so disappointed that I wouldn't finish what was basically done. I figured I would talk to my mom in the morning about helping out graciously for the next three weeks around the house since my 17th birthday was just around the corner. I figure I would ask her if I could just go to a professional to get it done.

Those three weeks flew by and before I knew it, it was my birthday. My mom had basically said no but I wouldn't accept that. I just had to have. So another week flies by and I was at the mall again one night and I was yet again at the piercing kiosk because I was working on gauging my ears. While I was there I saw this guy that had tattoos and piercings. I had heard about him before but had never actually met him. When I found out he did piercings for people (not professionally) I freaked and started asking about a monroe right away. He said he had done 3 before. Since I didn't have anymore money on me that night I told him I would be back on Saturday with the money and I'd be ready to go. I arrived at the mall around four or so and went straight to the guy who would pierce me. We went into the tiny backroom of the shop he worked at. There was also this other girl I had known but not real well who let me hold her hand. :) When he went to put the clamp on he told me it would hurt and I chuckled and said I knew. As soon as he started to clamp down I shut my eyes because I didn't really want to see it. He started piercing it and other than the needle coming through the top part of my lip and making a nasty popping sound, it was pretty much painless. Once the needle was through, he took the clamp off hich felt so much better. All he had to do now was put the labret in place of the needle. This didn't hurt at all but was awkward. It did bleed a bit but not a huge amount.

I was so excited to finally have my gorgeous new monroe. I was a little disappointed at how low it was but it still looked amazing. The only reason it was so low was because the perfect spot had already been pierced and there was scar tissue there now. I didn't leave until almost ten o'clock because I was afraid of what my parents would say. Luckily when I went home they were already asleep. My mom found out the next day and was not too happy about it. Neither was my dad. He said it was disgusting and that he couldn't eat with me ever again. But I was satisfied because I don't really get along with them and I faintly had what I wanted. I am in love with my new monroe. My mom seems to care more about the gauges in my ear and insists I take them out. I told her I would if she let me get my tongue pierced. If she really wants them out then she will let me get that done.

My advice to anyone who wants a monroe is to go for it. You should never attempt piercings yourself because it is very dangerous. It is such a cute, elegant piercing that adds personality to anyone. Its one of the most gorgeous piercings I have seen and it is definitely my favorite :D (until I get my tongue done :P)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: friend
Studio: tiny+back+room+in+a+comic+store+in+the+mall
Location: pa

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