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Family bonding and my beloved labret

 Since I can remember, I've always been obsessed with piercings and tattoos. I had my ears pierced by the age of 6 and fawned over facial piercings. I was always looking them up. Well, I finally got my break at 15.

One of my friends had gotten snake bites over the summer at her Dad's house, so naturally I started looking up everything to do with lip piercings, labrets, terminology, the process involved, etc. I was beyond sure my mom would never let me get it done, so I was slightly disappointed that I fell in love with a piercing I would probably never get.

During October, I kept hinting to my mom and step dad that I really wanted a facial piercing. No luck. I hinted to my dad that I wanted one, and he started to give in over the weeks. Yes! When the first day of November hit, he told me he would take me as long as I found a piercing parlor. I raced to my computer and looked up every possible piercing and tattoo parlor in the DFW area, and called the ones that had phone numbers listed. The first ten shops I called either didn't answer, or acted very rude and tried to rush me off the phone. I was starting to loose my patience, and was about to call off this whole search when finally I found a shop in Denton, which was a miracle. I looked over their website and the shop was a bright white, looked extremely clean, and they were approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services. I knew any parent would love to hear that, so I called them right up to see if they were going to be as pleasant as their shop looked. To my surprise, the lady who answered the phone was more than willing to answer my questions and give me prices. I was absolutely thrilled! My first facial piercing was actually going to happen!

Unfortunately, my dad backed out that very same day. He didn't want to take me if my mom said no, even though he had already said he would. I went to her and explained how bad I wanted this piercing, and she told me that I had to research it thoroughly so that I would know what I was getting into and that I wasn't JUST getting it to fit in. For a week I went through and searched for every horror story, video of the procedure, and even went through and read experiences on BME (which really set my mind at ease, since they were the honest experiences). After my little research phase, I went back and told mom everything I knew. Finally, she gave in and agreed to take me over Thanksgiving Break. The wait was excruciating. I was so excited to get that piercing that it seemed like another month had passed.

The 20th rolled around, the last day before the break. As I was getting dressed and ready to go to school, my mom asked me what time Aces would open. I was a little confused as to why she wanted to know now, but I went and checked and told her noon. "Perfect. Would you mind staying home today?" I squealed. I knew that I was finally going to get my labret, why else would she ask if I wanted to stay home? So after dropping my little brother off we went to the mall to walk around until they opened. In that time span, I managed to convince her to get her belly button pierced, a piercing she's always wanted but was just too afraid to get. As soon as it turned noon, we rushed over to Aces to get our long awaited piercings. As we walked through the doors, mom was automatically impressed. She already loved the shop. Everything was very clean and very sterile. One of the tattoo artists came to the front to ask what we needed, and explained that the piercer hadn't came in yet. So as he called her up, we looked at all the tattoo designs on the wall.

After a while, Becky finally showed up and we hopped right up to fill out forms. Naturally, we had to present my birth certificate and IDs, and were asked what we wanted done. I told her I wanted the left side of my lip done with a stud, and got my mom to tell her she wanted her naval done. My mom let me go first, and Becky led us around to the first piercing cubical. I was extremely nervous by then and was shaking. I grabbed my mom's hand for support and laughed at how Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult was playing, since my boyfriend had played it for me over the phone the night before. Becky explained what she was going to do, showed us the individually packaged needles, the jewelry she was going to us, and handed me a little bottle of Listerine to whisk around in my mouth. Honestly, that was the worst part. I had to keep it in my mouth for 5 minutes, and by the time I spit it all out my mouth was burning and felt slightly numb. Then she took a clamp out of a package and a little purple marker. She marked the spot, and at first it looked a little too far up, but she reassured me that it would look great on me. I trusted her judgment, and opened my mouth so she could clamp it. Then she told me to breathe in, and as I did she poked the needle through. It stung for all of a second and I squeezed my mom's hand tighter in anticipation of something worse. Then she put the jewelry in and I was set. She went back and grabbed me a popsicle, then did mom's belly. Then we paid, and went out admiring our piercings.

My lip did great up until we changed it to a stud that was way too short, but I'm getting it redone in a few weeks. This is an amazing piercing, and I'd say go for it. I never really had any major problems with it other than freaking out over scar tissue. If you want a mod, piercing, or tattoo I'd say go for it. It's an amazing experience. Since my first experience was so great, I ended up getting my belly done and am hoping to get my septum done. It's something I would recommend to everyone, even as a family outing. Since then, my mom and I have been closer and she accepts and even loves my piercing.

Happy Modding!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Becky
Studio: Ace%27s+Tattoos
Location: Denton%2C+TX

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