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My lip, a needle and some anti-septic cleanser.

Disclaimer: I don't not recommend self-piercing to anyone. Consequences are too great to wager. Think about it, have you ever seen a surgeon perform on him or herself? Then why would an untrained person try to?

I'm not sure if any of my piercings are typical. I've done them myself (Not recommended). Everyone said that piercings bleed, but none of mine have. A lot of people said it would take about 2 months to heal for my lip and there would be about a week of swelling. Again, I don't think I'm normal because I had hardly any swelling and my lip healed rather quickly.

Rather, I know I am very lucky to have such success while piercing on my own. I started piercing myself when I was 15. It started with the ears, then the nose, ear cartilage, eyebrows, side of my lip among some very random surface piercings. I only have retained three of the 20 something piercings I've done myself (my ears and my lip).

Here's how it started off. I was envious of my friend because she just got her lip pierced for the second time. She has money to spend and a huge crush on the guy that pierces her. That being said she either gets a tattoo or piercing every month. But this story is about me, and I don't have money or a favorite "piercer" so being the Boy Scout I am I looked at my resources. I just have my piercing needles, which I bought online, some iodine anti-septic and a very steady hand.

Since my parents are in the medical field, medical supplies are all around the house. I swear you would think you were in a mobile red-cross station; it is ridiculous. However, this makes it easy for me to make everything sterilized. I have plenty of gauze and iodine soap. I even have the markers they use in the Operating Room. [Don't be like me. Go to a professional and get every thing aligned and perfect.]

Moving on to the good stuff. I am in my bathroom, of course, because it has a mirror! I mark the spot I want with the marker and clean the area with the iodine. I erased the little blue mark about 30 times because I was paranoid that it wasn't going to be absolutely perfect. I even cleaned the brand new sterile needle with the iodide. I was not about to get a infection. How bad would that be on my part? I put on latex free gloves and cleaned everything again, twice.

As I got closer with the needle, I could only think on how bad would this hurt. I almost psyched myself out because of this. I slowly put it through my lip. Not a quick jab and it's all over, a very slow, monotonous pace. Well, being the over excited guy I am, I forgot to check the gauge of the needle and make sure it was the same gauge as the lip barbell. (Hi, did I mention I am dumb for doing this by myself? Go to a professionally for your sake!)

As it would turn out, the needle was 18 gauge and the barbell was 16 gauge. So I am walking around my room now with a 2 inch needle through bottom and top of my lower lip. The only other needle I have was my 10 gauge. So I prepped that with iodine about a 3 times. As I pulled the 18 gauge from the top of my lip, I began to insert the 10 gauge into the bottom. I quickly found out the main difference between 10 gauge and 18 gauge. The difference is a lot of ripped tissue in my lip.

This may sound gross, but if I had bled even the slightest, maybe that would have warmed the cold needle up just a little. So now I have a giant 3 inch, 10 gauge needle sticking out of my lip. What else could go wrong? Well maybe that a 16g barbell doesn't really attach to a 10g needle. So I did the magic trick of pulling the needle out of the top of my lip while frantically placing a barbell into the bottom of it.

It went in fairly easy. Of course you knew that because a 16g barbell fits easily into a 10g hole. I decided to wash everything with some more iodine, just incase, and I got a couple pieces of ice to enjoy so the swelling would not persist. So in the end, no blood was drawn, maybe one day of swelling and an awesome vertical lip piercing to show off. I have a curved eyebrow barbell in it now. It is cool because the top of the piercing rests in between my closed lips.

Clean up: I always throw away my needles by either placing them in a sealed bio-hazard container (you can get these at any local hospital and they should dispose of them for you) or corking the end of the needle and taping it up in duct tape. Be smart, don't re-use needles and don't just throw the m away.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Self-inflicted
Studio: Home
Location: Arizona

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