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My first ‘real’ piercing- my lip.

I had been considering getting my lip pierced for a while. I looked it up, researched it, and read about it. At first, I considered doing it myself. After reading though many horror stories, I decided that this wasn't the best approach. I talked to my mom, and she disapproved of the piercing. It took me a month to convince her, but finally, she told me that I could.

I was nervous going. First, I went to Dragon FX. They flat out told me that they would not do it, as I was under 16, and it could cause oral harm due to my mouth still growing. However, I really wanted to get this done, so I talked to a friend of mine. She recommended Strange City, a store on Whyte Ave. My mom looked into it, and after calling the place and asking every single question she could possibly think of, she took me there.

Upon arriving, I was extremely nervous. I am horrified of needles, and I had heard from a friend that the piercing was quite painful. The first thing that they made me do was sign some forms. I had to fill them out, with my nervous mother gawking at me over my shoulder, questioning if I REALLY wanted to do this, and if I was sure I was ready, and if I possibly wanted a nice ear piercing or something less mutilating. After about ten minutes, we were called in.

My friend came with me, and held my hand. I was only allowed one person with me, and I chose to have her come. She sat down beside me, and the lady who was going to do my piercing came in. She introduced herself as Hailey, and told me what she was going to do as she washed her hands and the area around me. She put on gloves, then washed the counters and then set out what looked like thick saran wrap over them. She took the instruments she would be using out of their packaging, and set them down. Turning to me, she asked me if I was allergic to any metals, hypoallergenic, stuff like that. I told her that I was hypoallergenic, and she told me that I would have to be pierced with a stud that was made of surgical grade titanium, and that it's the best material to have in yo' face, if you're allergic to metals.

After that, she gave me what looked like really thick dish soap and tasted like mouthwash, and told me to swish it around for 30 seconds. It really stung, and was quite strong. After that, she cleaned the outside of my mouth, my lip, and the surrounding area. Making a tiny dot on my face, she gave me a mirror and asked if this was where I wanted my piercing to go. I approved, and she took out a pair of what looked like scissors or eyelash curlers, but with round O shapes at the end. These were the clamps. She put them on my lip, and pulled my lip down. From reading the experiences here, I had read that quite often, this is one of, if not the most painful part. For me, it wasn't. Hailey took out the needle, and showed me it. She explained what gauge it was, and that it would remove a chunk of skin from my lip. After asking me if I was ready, she pushed the needle through my lip.

I always thought that it would be rather bloody, with searing hot pain and a lot of agony. I was scared that while she did it, I would scream, or pull away, or sneeze. None of that happened. What did happen, was that I felt a long, sharp pinch. It felt like someone had pinched you for a very long time, and hard. It wasn't the medical needle kind of a pinch, or the shocking feeling of being cut or stabbed by something sharp, like I had expected. She took the clamps off, and left the room, leaving me sitting there, with a needle in my lip.

A few moments later, she returned with the jewelry she was going to use. She took it out, and put it in the end of the needle. She pulled the needle all the way through and put the front on. I sat up, and looked in the mirror. It was done. I had my very own lip piercing. I thought it looked fantastic. There was still a dull pinching feeling in my face. That lasted about three days. It was about half the pain of the actual piercing itself. To be honest, I think that having my lip done was much less painful then my ears, however, it might have been that I was younger. My lip did not bleed at all, and it was a lot better then I thought it would be.

A word of advice: Taking Advil before you go isn't necessarily a good idea. My friend, did, and she bled, as Advil is a blood thinner. For myself, if I see blood, I automatically bring myself to think that what just happened is more painful then it really is, because, come on, there's BLOOD!

Over all, I had a good experience, and I would recommend Strange City to anyone in the Edmonton Area.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Hailey
Studio: Strange+City
Location: Whyte+Ave%2C+Edmonton

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