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Lip Rings Are Fun!

I am a beast of impulse, if I see something I like I will make it mine but if too much thinking is involved I will typically get disinterested and walk away.

This was not the case with my labret. It was going to be my first venture into a non-lobe piercing and I had given it a lot of thought. I cleared things with my work and my parents and had semi-arranged a trip to Anomaly Studios to get it done. It was to occur after grad night, an evening (8pm-4am) to goof around with friends while enjoying the sights and sounds of many young children getting kicked out of the park for smuggling in pot. When I got home I could not sleep, I was too excited. Of course my friends were not as excited as I was so they slept in until late in the day.

When the moment finally came to head down to the shop I was even more excited than before, as is the case with each new piercing I come across. This "through the roof" enjoyment of my surroundings was soon shattered by choices. I had forgotten all about placement.

I think this is where my love for the lip piercing disappeared. I had gotten myself all worked up in anticipation for it to be done and my euphoric feelings had plummeted me into a dazed stupor. After a lengthy discussion over placing and size, I eventually decided on a dead center labret. Because of my, ahem "stature", I was fitted with a 10g ring.

As per usual with my and piercings the pain was almost non-existent.The needle used was likened to a katana, made in japan and super sharp. It ripped through my flesh like a chainsaw would destroy a slab of jell-o. I was provided with the required fresh piercing cleaning tools (also known as bag of sea salt) and I made my way into the world. There was much less reaction the the 10g hole in my mouth than the 6g holes in my lobes which was very interesting.

For the first couple of days I survived on a diet of smoothies, which is a way of life I hope to never experience again. It was a healthier way to live, but bathroom time was not very fun. This was especially due to the fact that I eat terrible food a good portion of the time. This change from terrible to super healthy caused my body to freak out, so I had to handle solid food intake, regardless of what happened to my mouth.

Luckily, the healing process was uneventful. I cleaned it with saline solution for the first week or two but then I grew disinterested and stopped. Luckily I did not lose my lip in some tragic accident, I had assumed that I would have gotten an infection due to my constant picking at it but I survived just fine. I started to notice a growing gap in the bottom row of my teeth, I attributed it to the ring but ignored it.

After a couple of months I grew more and more sick of the bulky ring so I switched to a flat backed barbell. My teeth started to calm down a bit and I was content. This lasted for, at most, 2 weeks. It was not that I did not like it, I much preferred it to the ring, but it just was not meant to be.

I am not the wisest of individuals and because of that I decided I needed to tighten the ball all the while forgetting the old adage "righty tighty, lefty losey". The ball went flying into the unknown (or my shirt pocket as I found out later) and the post into the dark recesses of my mouth. The hole closed within 30 minutes, and I was left without my labret. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was a couple of blocks from my piercing shop. I was feeling rather lucky until I remembered that Anomaly is not open on Sundays. Curse you summer hours, curse you!

In the end I am glad I had it done but I am also glad it's gone. I do not think it fit my face that well, and as I have grown older (a whole 6 months but older none the less) I have decided that facial piercings just are not for me. However, that has not stopped me from considering getting my lip redone in some way, shape, or form, now that I have the proper education on location and size. I will probably end up getting a vertical labret if anything. This way I will not have any more teeth issues.

Overall I think that labrets are fine piercings, and anything anyone says should not influence people in one way or another. If you want to do it, then do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Stephen+DeToma
Studio: Anomaly+Studios
Location: Pasadena%2C+CA

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