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Finally! My self done lip!

So for a little background about myself: I am 16 and I currently have 18 piercings. My piercing obsession started when I saw my best friends' boyfriend with facial piercings. Before that I never really like piercings.

I had begged my mom for my lip piercing but she always said "no" and that I could get anything on my ears though. So I settled for ear piercings and she let me get an eyebrow but that rejected. I have 4 experiences of piercings on my IAM page so go check them out.

17 of my 18 piercings are in my ear and 5 of my 18 piercings are self done. One of those being my lip. I had wanted my lip pierced for two years but my mom always said it looked trashy or lesbian like.

I had tried to pierce my lip myself with a safety pin a few months ago but I couldn't get the jewelry through so I gave up. I told my mom I gave up on wanting my lip pierced and convinced her I didn't want it. Then a week ago she bought me some sterile piercing needles because I told her I wanted to be a piercer and pierce my friends (that is the main reason I want the needles but then decided "Ah hell, why not pierce my lip while I'm at it").

So the needles came today in the mail and I took a few hours to build up the guts to pierce myself. I kept chickening out but decided just to do it. I had done it before and NOTHING could be as painful as my rook piercing.

I bought some Lysol cleaning wipes and some rubber gloves. I cleaned off the counter with the Lysol wipes about 10 times just to make sure it was clean enough. I washed my hands about 10 times too and cleaned them with the Lysol wipes too. When everything was all clean I set out some paper towels and put some hydrogen peroxide with cotton balls, the 16g needle, the 16g clear retainer I bought from Hot Topic and a cork on them.

I brushed my teeth and swished with mouth wash for a few minutes then washed my hands and put the rubber gloves on. I was going to put the cork on the backside of my lip to catch the needle but realized it was too big. I took my gloves off and cut the cork so it was small enough to fit in my mouth. I put the gloves back on and took the needle out of the package. I lined it up to my lip and poked it through.

It took about 5 minutes for it to go all the way through. I would push it through a layer of skin then freak out and pause and repeat until I finally got it all the way through. The last few layers of skin were the worst but I finally got it through. I put the clear retainer up to it and pushed it in. It hurt but I finally had what I wanted for two years.

I was so proud of myself and relaxed a little. My mouth was kind of dry and it hurt to swallow properly so I poured some hot water in my mouth and swished it around and it felt better.

It's now about 4 hours after I pierced it and it doesn't hurt too bad. I changed it to a long barbell though because it was beginning to swell and it hurt to have the short retainer in. It hurt to change it and I would definitely not suggest changing it this soon. Although, I will probably have to change it a lot in the next few weeks so my mom doesn't find out and freak out. I'm pretty sure she will kill me if she does find out. When she found out I pierced it with a safety pin a few months ago she screamed at me and told me she would take my car away. It's very rare for her to yell so I know it will piss her off. I feel kind of bad though because I normally respect everything my mom says and tell her everything. It's gonna be hard to keep this from her.

WARNING: Even though I pierced my lip myself I would NOT suggest it to anyone. It can be very dangerous and cause many problems. I think I was very clean about it and I'm hoping it doesn't get infected. There is no way piercing yourself in your bathroom is as sterile as a professional place and there are many increased chances of infection in your bathroom. If at all possible go to a professional. If you can't and you are thinking about piercing yourself be prepared for the consequences that might be there.

Well, that was my experience. If you want to contact me feel free to and check out my IAM page for my other experiences too.

Happy Piercing!!


submitted by: HeavenlyDemonick
on: 26 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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