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Sexy, beautiful, simple

For some reason, I'd always wanted a vertical labret, since the very first time I saw it on BME. At the time, about five years ago, it was a bit rarer than it is now, and I always though it made anyone who wore one look so much better. My parents, however, weren't too into piercings, so I waited out my teen years without a vertical, always secretly lusting after one, and sporadically whining to my best friend about how much I wanted one (along with a bridge, but that's another story).

Flash forward to nineteen. I'd had somewhere around 10 piercings come and go in the time since I discovered the vertical labret, but for some reason it had never occurred to me to just go out and get it done, even though I was of age. One morning, however, it hit me. I could go get a vertical labret any time I wanted... so I texted my best friend and said that I was going to get a vertical that weekend.

That night he came to pick me up to hang out and we went to get dinner, and I saw nothing unusual about the situation... of course, until we took a turn down to east Colfax, to the familiar location of our favorite shop, Bound by Design. Between myself and my two closest friends, we'd probably had 20 piercings done there in the past year, so as soon as we get within two miles of the shop, I know exactly where I'm going. And I told my best friend that I knew where we were going too.

He laughed and fessed up that he was taking me to get the vertical I'd been whining about for years, as a very early birthday present, since he was thinking about getting another side labret anyway. I was ecstatic... I didn't think I'd end the day with new metal when I'd gotten up that morning! So we walked in the shop, and followed the familiar procedure of signing paper work, presenting ID, and getting checked out by the piercer – who just happened to be a girl that we'd known from high school, Candace. She'd done piercings on both of us before and we talked for quite a while until we finally got down to business.

I didn't find myself nervous at all – I suppose if I would have read the experiences on BME about it beforehand I would have been, what with everyone proclaiming it to be the worst pain of their life! But she marked me up, had me check it, and had me lay down while she opened up all her sterile equipment and then fitted the clamps to my lip. I was starting to get a little nervous, but Candace reminded me of the time that I pierced my bridge with a safety pin in high school, and how could I be worried about pain when I'd done stupid stuff like that to myself; quickly, I calmed down again and was totally ready. She pushed the needle up from the bottom, and I barely felt a thing... of course, I hardly ever have painful piercings, but this one was incredibly easy and painless. Immediately my lip swelled to epic proportions, but the jewelery Candace put in was just the right size, and it looked great from the first moment.

She laughed at me while I admired my new mouth and then I went over to watch my friend get pierced, which she did just as quickly and easily as she had done mine, then explained the aftercare, even though she knew that both of us were really experienced. On the car ride home I couldn't stop looking at it! I felt so much prettier and sexier with the little piece of jewelery in my lip, and she'd gotten it dead straight and center.

Now it's been about two weeks and healing has been super easy, hardly any irritation, pain or crusties... in fact, almost nothing at all except some minor swelling in the first few days. I use sea salt soaks, sterile saline and a healthy dose of LITHA... it's never failed me yet. I just have to say, it's a hard piercing to get used to at first, especially with drinking. Straws will become your best friend! I'm used to eating and can do it with no problem now, but drinking out of hard glasses is still difficult and I'm not sure if it'll ever get any less so. On the up side, the piercing isn't actually inside my mouth, so I don't have to worry about gum erosion or anything like that. Also, it's hard to resist playing with, especially when I figured out I could click my tongue barbell against it (and subsequently became the most annoying person in the world).

Oh, and the first time my mom saw my piercing, she just stared for a minute. I thought she was going to get angry, but all she said was, "It looks nice on your mouth. It makes your lips prettier." Not the reaction I was expecting, but if my mom likes it, it must be nice! I'm looking forward to many more happy days with my sexy vertical labret!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Candace
Studio: Bound+by+Design
Location: Denver%2C+CO

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