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Self pierced lip. A girl never learns.

I've done a few self piercings on my own, you know, the silly I WANT MY EAR PIERCED NOW I'M GOING TO DO IT MYSELF! Kind of thing, but with me, I just seem to have bad luck with these. Back when I did this, I was pretty much just winging it, and didn't know what the hell I was doing. This, I guess, is showing that Self Piercings, without the right knowledge on the modification, is a terrible idea, no matter how bad you want to do it, and how much you THINK you know.

I REPEAT. Self piercings=not good unless you HONESTLY know what your doing.

Ever since I was much younger I've always been in love with piercings. I used to live in New York City, so I always saw people march around with piercings. Even though I no longer lived there, I've all been amazing and in love with them. Now, my parents would never actually consent to any facial piercings, because they believe it will stop me from getting a job, saying I am ruining my face, and I would end up regretting it in just a few days, but being the "rebellious" teenager I was, those warning just went in one ear, and out the other.

I was maybe 14 or so when I decided I wanted my lip pierced. I always loved lip piercings and thought a center lip piercing would look cute. Now, I don't think they look good, but back then I was all for it. My parents would never consent to this, seeing as I was so young and I was begging for a hole in my face. I also figured that since I can't exactly get $45 dollars as quickly as I wanted, and thought it was a bit expensive, I decided "What the hell, I can save money and do it myself, it's pretty easy." So I went out and bought a needle, 2 CBRs, a larger ring to deal with the swelling and a smaller one once the swelling goes down.

Now, here is where the problem started. I bought my needle from a store called NUTZ. Its a place where they sell things like barbells, CBRs and all things needed for piercings, including needles of all sorts.Now, I'm pretty damn sure none of these needles are clean, i mean they are sitting around and all they do is stick it in a plastic baggie, and tell you to boil them before using them.

I am NOT putting down that store, even though they sell needles to people who do not know what they are doing, its a pretty damn cool store. :D

Another problem is that I did a terrible job at cleaning it, and decided to free hand it and put a cork at the end of my lip. I had friends with me, and I was in someone's bathroom. I just rubbed the needle down with some Rubbing alcohol and did the same with the part of my skin I would pierce. One friend thought it would be a bright idea to put some stuff on my lip to numb it, and put ice on the outside to make that numb. Both didn't work. I was so excited for the piercing I believe i even forgot to clean the CBR when I placed it in. I am ashamed.

I had gotten the needle about halfway through my lip before i actually noticed any pain. I don't think I'm that bad with pain, I handle it well but i was so nervous. I stopped and fidgeted and pushed little by little. Wow, I feel dumb just thinking about it.

In the end the piercing was crooked. I pierced from the inside out and and it went up in an angle. It swelled for a few days, and my mother promised if I took it out and let it heal, She would take me to get it professionally done. Three years later, I'm almost 18 and I still have no piercings in my lip.

I'm glad she made me take it out, although it was my first self piercing that I ever did, it was quite crooked and who knows if it would have gotten cleaned right. This experience lead to me looking more into procedures of piercings and better aftercare. I pretty much learned fro my mistakes and have gotten better. I do have a little scar on my lip, but its barely noticeable now. I made sure i cleaned it up and did my best to stop scaring.

I do not, in any way, recommend self piercings. Unless you have the right knowledge about what you are doing, and the right equipment DO NOT take a needle to your skin. Scars are not cute. :]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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