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My Beautiful Monroe!

I've been considering getting a monroe piercing on and off for a couple of years now, and two days ago I finally plucked up the courage and did it, and I'm so glad I did!

Firstly, my friend Andreas and I walked for miles round Aberdeen city centre looking for somewhere that would do his tattoo that day, but being a satuday everywhere was fully booked. We were kinda disappointed as the plan was for him to get his tattoo and then for me to go get my piercing. We talked about it over lunch and decided I would still get my monroe piercing that day and he could get his tattoo done later in the week.

So I took a couple of ibuprofen (as I'm not so great with pain) and went to Retro Rebels, which sounds a bit naff but is actually a really good piercing studio.

John (the piercer) was out having lunch (later he told me it was a lasagna pie?!) so we had to wait for half and hour and I was getting pretty nervous. Retro Rebels consists of a shop upstairs selling clothes and jewellery and a couple of rooms downstairs for tattoos and piercings, and one of the girls who works there came upstairs and said to her friend 'he's got cream egg EVERYWHERE' which freaked me out quite a bit as I was worried this was some kind of code for blood. Later, I asked John about this and he reassured me that whoever it was was just eating a cream egg..

So, back to the piercing.. When John returned, he could see I was a little nervous so chatted to us for ages about cream eggs and nipples and bizarre magazine and stuff, which relaxed me a lot. I filled out a form saying I wasn't drunk or haemophilic or anything and signed it. Then he drew a tiny dot with a blue marker and I checked it and it was perfect! So no need to remark it or anything. By the way, I would definitely recommend speaking up if you aren't happy about the placement of the mark, as I didn't with my nose piercing (which was pierced in a different parlour) and ended up taking it out the next day because it just looked terrible!

I washed my mouth out with some blue stuff John reassured me everything was new and sterile and told me to take deep breaths.. and in went the needle. I was squeezing Andreas' hand like crazy but it really didn't hurt that badly at all and then John put the jewellery and that was it. The whole thing didn't even last a minute. My face was throbbing a bit and I had the feeling that the jewellery bar was really long and poking out my face, but John handed me a mirror and when I saw it I was very pleasantly surprised, it was hardly sticking out at all and looked ACE! I love it! So I went upstairs and paid £27 and stepped outside into the sunshine and everything was fantastic. : D

It's been two days now and it hasn't bothered me at all. It's definitely been the most painless and easy piercing I've ever had. On the first day I found it a bit hard to smile and I could feel it on my gums but it's no problem now. I've been rinsing with mouthwash and brushing my teeth after every meal and I think that helps, and hopefully when I got back in 2 weeks time John will change it to a smaller bar and it will look even better.

Not everyone who's seen it has liked it so far, although they haven't said anything bad about it, and I love it and my boyfriend thinks it looks great so that's all that matters really. Also, not too sure what my family will think when I go back for Easter holidays, but hopefully it will be changed to a smaller bioplast stud by that time, and they'll hardly notice.

So.. if you are considering getting a piercing in Aberdeen I would 100% recommend John at Retro Rebels, he was fun to talk to which took my mind off the needle and incredibly steady and efficient. Also Darryl at Rapport Tattoo is equally amazing and a really nice guy too. I wouldn't, however, recommend going to Richard's tattoo down by the harbour, the woman who pierced my nose was awful, very rude and unfriendly, seemed as though she didn't want to be there at all and pierced my noise in the strangest low down place ever. Also, when one of my friends was getting a tattoo there, she would't let me in to hold her hand, and when I started to watch through the window sepearting the entrance an tattoo room she sent me outside!!

But as for my monroe.... Best. Piercing. Ever.


submitted by: LouisaRose
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Retro+Rebels
Location: George+Street%2C+Aberdeen

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