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I am a snake.

On February 12th, 2008, I finally got my snakebites after about 5 years of wanting them. I should have had them when I turned 16, but something bad happened - braces. However, the day I got my braces off, I drove the 2 minutes across the road to West Edmonton Mall to the place where I get all of my piercings done: Dragon F/X. I was so excited to finally get the coveted snakebite piercings! I've always loved how lip/surrounding area piercings stick out when you smile or make funny faces... I wanted that for myself. (It's sort of a funny reason to want a piercing, I know, but I like things for the most random reasons.)

Anyways, Amanda and I had decided half a month or so beforehand that she would pierce one side of my lip, and that her apprentice would pierce the other. It didn't take much to convince me, since it was a prime chance to learn how to pierce. Plus I trust Amanda so if she says it'll be fine I'm pretty much guaranteed to say, "Sure!"

So I got to the shop and Amanda and her apprentice took me into the good old back piercing room. (Well, after I paid of course.) They got sitting on the chair and gloved themselves, put on face masks, and disinfected my lip... Oh, and made me swish some nasty mouthwash in my mouth. After that she marked two even points where the snakebites would go. Then came the clamps, and me jokingly asking Amanda if I could close my eyes so I didn't have to see the big scary piercing needle. The greatest experience with my snakebites was learning how a lip piercing is done. As Amanda did everything she needed to pierce me, she did it slowly and explained what she was doing so that her apprentice would be able to do the other side. After she put the clamps on me she pierced the needle through, and reminded her apprentice to watch the exit of the needle so that it would go through where she had marked. Honestly, I was expecting more pain than there was. I don't know why, she'd pierced me 8 times before and I'm not exactly a wimp... It was mostly painless, though. Just a little pinch, of course, but there aren't many piercings you can find that don't at least pinch a little bit... if any. So a little pinch for the needle, then a little pressure as she put the piercing in... and voila! A shiny new lip piercing.

Now that the first side was done, it was time for the second! Amanda's apprentice was a little nervous, but I wasn't worried; if she had done anything wrong I know Amanda would've interfered. Amanda walked her through the whole process, including a little problem she was having with positioning the clamps incorrectly. She apologized to me frequently for taking so long, and I mumbled, "It's okay," the best I could with my lip clamped out of my face. Eventually she positioned the clamps properly and picked up the needle. Amanda showed her where to poke the needle in, so she did. It didn't hurt at all, so I didn't mind that she was a bit hesitant to push it in. I think she was worried about watching her exit and making them even... They're pretty even though, so I think she did a great job.

So far, so good. I had two new lip piercings that I had wanted for what seemed to me like ages. To date, the only problem I've had occurred from the Friday of that week until the Monday of the next week. On Friday, I managed to somehow lose the ball off of the piercing that Amanda's apprentice had done. It could be that the bead wasn't screwed onto the post all the way, but I don't blame her.

Once I realized I'd lost the bead, I looked everywhere I'd been... but there was no hope. I was at a friend's, so I walked home and put some plumbing tape on it, knowing that I could drive back to Dragon F/X in the morning and get a new bead... which I did. However, I was meeting a friend there, so I didn't put the new bead on until I got home that night. That's when I discovered the bead was too small and wouldn't screw on all the way. This is why I have a vendetta against external threading. Through the entire night, the threads on the post ripped in and out of my lip. They didn't make big rips, of course, but they definitely irritated my lip really badly.

The next day, I returned for a new bead , and again stupidly went home before putting it on. Of course, this time it was too big, not to mention the fact that I struggled for a good 10 minutes to get the small bead off because I had screwed it on so tight. So I screwed on the new ball, crookedly because the threads didn't match. Again, the threads cut me all night. On Sunday, I went back for a third and final time and told Amanda about my dilemma. She took me to the back and we worked through a few beads before we finally found the right size for my post. I was so incredibly relieved when we found it. Finally, I could sleep through a night without my lip hurting. The weekend had seemed so long, but my troubles were over. Since my ordeal I have had absolutely no trouble with my lip. The side that it happened to is even healing a bit better than my other side, which I can't figure out... I'm very glad no real troubles came of it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Amanda+Porteous
Studio: Dragon+F%2FX
Location: Edmonton%2C+AB

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