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DIY Snakebites

To begin my story, I would like to give a background on myself. Before my first DIY, I had 8 tattoos and 6 piercings (and a retired industrial). I'm also in the process of dropping out of my 4 year college to pursue an associates degree in business that would help much more in my dream of opening my own tattoo/piercing shop. I am looking into the different ways of becoming a piercer and an apprenticeship is a likely possibility. However I also have a lot of friends who self pierce in very un-sterile conditions (use alcohol or fire to sterilize, use sewing needles etc). So they are going to be my first guinea pigs.

I know people will say that I should wait until I have apprenticed and become a real piercer before I work on my friends but I am helping provide these friends a much safer/sterile piercing (they would do it anyway, at least with me doing it they are safer)

So anyway, There is no way I would start my practice on a friend so I decided to bite the bullet and let myself be my own guinea pig.

I let my roommates watch so that in case something happened (IE, I faint..which wouldn't happen because I have never been prone to fainting) there would be someone around who knew immediately and could get me to a hospital, wake me up, whatever the situation needed.

I set out my supplies on saran wrap in front of my bathroom mirror. 14 Gage needles, iodine wipes, cavacide solution, alcohol wipes, CBR's, foerrster clamp, surgical pen, latex gloves...etc. I dropped the jewelry (2 CBR's) in cavacide to sterilize them. I put on gloves and then I used an alcohol wipe and an iodine wipe to clean the area and also rinsed my mouth with listerine. I then marked off the two spots (perfectly symmetrical because I have OCD) with a body marker purchased from the site that I bought all the other supplies from. I took a foerrster clamp that and clamped it around the marking. When all was done I finally unpacked the needle and put some surgilube on it.

Sitting in front of a mirror trying to move yourself backwards is a bit hard. But finally I poked the needle to the exact spot I wanted. Looking through my own eyes in the mirror I told myself that it was now or nothing and shoved the needle through. There was hardly any blood and I followed the needle through with the ring. It wasn't even that painful although I did have troubles pushing it through all the way. It wasn't that the needle wasn't sharp enough, but the fact that it is hard to hurt yourself (your body won't let you..so shoving a needle through your lip isn't exactly on your brain's to do list) Thats when I got to the hardest part...putting the bead inside the ring...I FRIGGING HATE THOSE!. I spent about twenty minutes opening and closing the rings trying to get it perfectly stuck in there. I guess I need to work on that before I become a real piercer.

I re-cleaned the area and then did the exact same thing for the other side. The second piercing went by faster as I had got my method down by then and realized what I had to do. Healing has been very easy and has actually been better than my first pair of snakebites (i actually have 2 pairs, 4 lip piercings in all...the originals are closer together and were done by a professional and the outsides done by me). There was less swelling, less pain when eating...All in all it has been a very good experience for me. Somehow I even think they are healing faster although it would be nice to get these large rings out for some smaller ones, its annoying clinking your teeth against metal every two seconds. About a week later I even went back to my piercer who did the original snakebites and when he saw the second pair he thought that I had 'cheated' on him and went to another piercer (which obviously made my confidence shoot through the roof when I told him that I had done them myself.)

I think that partially the healing can be attributed to using a lot more advil and cleaning my mouth a lot more often. So for anyone with a mouth piercing, the cleaner you keep it the better!

A lot of the knowledge I used to do the piercing was gained from the original snakebites (IE, cleaning the inside of my mouth with listerine both before and after the piercing) and from reading other DIY experiences on BME. So I hope that this experience will help someone else be able to give themself a fine piercing of their own.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: CoryVictorious
Studio: Victorious+Modifications
Location: New+Jersey

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