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My dream snakebites become reality!

I have only been interested in piercing for about 3 years, and was stuck in an all girls private school until two years ago, so anything was really out of the question! I had 5 ear piercings by the time I decided to go facial! I wanted my lip pierced for a long time but apart from anything, I was too scared and my best friend said he'd disown me because he thought I was too pretty, about 5 months later he was holding my hand as I voluntarily allowed a lady to stick a needle through my lip for the first, but not last time!

I got my lip pierced in October 2007, the left side and it was pretty traumatic for me! First of all my parents were unaware of this decision but also, it hurt, that is in comparison to any of my others. That was a spur of the moment decision, I went down during college and got it done, I couldn't speak properly or even drink, let alone eat! The second was far less of an issue, I couldn't quite talk properly but drinking wasn't an issue and I can eat if I'm slow and careful. Also, I took the first out immediately, I hated it, however I am really not that stupid this time!

It took me a long time to get the guts up to get my snakebites, I really wanted them, in fact if I didn't, then I would be taking out my lip piercing all together. So I approached my mum, who surprisingly said ok, she understands that it's my body and my self-expression, I showed her pictures too, but apparently our visions of beautiful differ greatly. My dad was furious but coped better than expected as well.

I went along to Asgard on Monday (I got 5 of my 7 piercings done there, all by Tracy and was comfortable, in addition it is the only studio I am aware of in Winchester). It was closed, which meant my nerves were all for nothing, my boyfriend just laughed.

The next day we went back into town and this time we didn't stall for hours, I got off the bus and headed straight there, eating Lucozade tablets on the way so I wouldn't collapse as I have before. We went in and it was empty, I filled out the usual form and she talked me through it all, then about 10 people came into the small shop, it made me far more nervous, I sat on the bed and made Chris hold my hand, apparently it was worth going with me just so he could see my scared face!

She numbed it and I was terrified, I could still feel my lip!

She used a vernier caliper to ensure my piercings were perfectly symmetrical, it is difficult to tell with the swelling but I trust her decision! After she marked on my lip and got out the needle I couldn't feel my tongue anymore so I was feeling more confident.

She said "Right, nice and quick for you then!" and pushed the needle through, it was so quick! Once it was through I wanted to cry, I'm really bad with pain so I'm surprised I didn't, but the first was worse anyway!

She then wandered off leaving the needle hanging from my lip! I couldn't understand, but I think she just wanted to check the other customers had gone. She then pushed through the post and tried to put all the ball, she dropped it about 3 times before she got it on though! As a piercer she is very light hearted and caring, I feel completely at ease with her!

Once the ball was on she cleaned up the black marks and my piercing, I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it! I still can't!

Anyway, that was on Tuesday, it's Thursday now, it has swollen a bit and kissing is painful, also I'm clumsy and have hit myself in then mouth alot today, however I must say it isn't as traumatic as last time and I am so pleased with the result, they are beautiful and I must say it's the best £50 I ever spent (£25 for each piercing with a post, £20 with a ring).

I bought some of their aftercare spray rather than my own and I am using mouthwash daily, the only issue I have is that my other piercings are all a little infected where they weren't healed now, this happened last time I got my lip pierced.

As I said, a fantastic decision, and I love my snakebites =]:

If you live in the area I really recommend Asgard for a piercing, it is a very friendly atmosphere and they obviously know what they are doing, I plan on getting any future piercings done there! I recommend snakebites too, they're really cool looking and I can't wait until I can change the bar to a shorter and tighter fit so they don't look uneven. My lip swelling should go down in the next few days too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Tracy
Studio: Asgard
Location: 67+Parchment+St%2C+Winchester%2C+Hampshire%2C+UK

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