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Monroe -wedding gift

I loved the look of the Monroe (or Madonna as its also called) rather instantly!!! Its a highly feminine piercing and AT THE TIME.... I didnt know anyone with one so silly me I thought it was pretty rare. lol. I first saw it on a suicidegirl (cant remember who) and wanted it done right away.


I was getting married in about three months to my boyfriend of four years and didnt want the piercing for the wedding as it would upset my anti-bod mod family. So my fiance had the killer idea of getting it for me on our honeymoon in St Augustine and we would also get tiny matching tattoos...another story.

So being the responsible piercee that I am, I criused the net for a reputable piercing and tat shop in St. A. I think I used Google. lol. Thats how I found Ms Debs aswell as two or three others. But I was very impressed by their site and their large artist portfolios. I also did the needed research on the monroe and aftercare....etc...

I have to say at the time I hadnt heard of bme so research was not as simple. I now look up everything on bme and read experiences before stepping up to the needle.

I called the shop and spoke to Jesse (an absolutely adorable tattoo artist who I had read about on the site .) He was very sweet and sounded thoroughly stoked when I said I wanted the Monroe. He told me Sher would be my piercer and he would be doing our tats.

I made the date for a small depositof I think $50.

Well with wedding done and over (and I say it like that because it was so damn stressful) Matt and I headed to the shop our second day as newlyweds.

I was so nervous as Id only had my nostril before and that wasnt an oral piercing so I assumed it would be different. I spent the drive pinching my lip where I thought itd be pierced until it hurt too badly. - I did the samething before my nose piercing from the nerves.

As soon as I walked in I loved the place. It had such a fun tribally beach house feel and was positively immaculate!!!! The front desk consisted of two large jewelry cases which is where I picked my small 14g labret stud with a silver ball and small diamond set inside it.

Sher was the sweetest thing! I seriously adore this woman! Shes an older woman with about 5 pieces of metal in her face and tattoos everywhere. Shes pretty much the bad bitch I aspire to be. haha.

She was joking with me as she set up one of the small piercing rooms near the back of the shop. When she was ready she marked the spot and had me check it. I had her move it over away from my nose by about a mm then it was clamp time. They were so cold more than anything that I winced and my husband reminded me not to be a pussy and I laughed.

Now the needle. Sher had me do the typical breathing technique. 1... 2.... and then I saw the needle chillin in my lip. It was like a stinging sharp pinch... and thats all. I mean it didnt feel good but I can say with seriousness that I had freaked myself out for very little. The only shitty part was getting in the stud. Sher basically turned my lip inside out getting the stud in and the needle was still chilling there. THAT was uncomfortable at worst.

Sher gave me a small sheet of care instructions and so H2Ocean WHICH I NOW LOOOOOVE!!

After getting our tats we paid and tipped and left.

Caring for it was as easy as spraying that H2Ocean on it 2 to 3 times a day and washing it int he shower every mornimg with Dial Antibacterial (melon scented foam is the stuff I like best.)

Healing time was about a month. You never realize how much you touch your face and mouth until you have a piece of sore metal hangin there. lol! ;-)

But to end this novel I seem to be writing I loved Ms Debs. And my whole (or hole.....) experience there. I recomend them for both piercing and ink. Great work and charismic staff.

Since the monroe Ive had both nipples done and Im getting my septum done the day after tomorrow which is another story I will submit to bme. I live in NY now because Matts in the army so my piercings are done at Scarab by John Joyce in Syracuse.

I still have and LOVE my monroe and dont plan on removing it for a good while. I work at Hot Topic so piercings are almost encouraged but my job is just till Im done with veternary school. Then I will most likely rock some retainers. <3


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sailor+Sher
Studio: Ms+Debborahs+Fountain+of+Youth
Location: St+Augustine+FL

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