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My own little scrumper

Hello boys and girls. Today I would like to share my experience on being pierced with you. I'll try to keep it as interesting as possible, so you will read it 

I have been interested in body modifications for a long, long time now. That is – ever since I can remember  Although I find heavily pierced and tattoed people extremely sexy, I never wanted to be heavily modified myself. You know, just a simple little piercing or tatto here or there. Since the age of twelve I have had five regular piercings in my ears. When i was fifteen, I got my brow done and i still love it.

I promised myself that this will be the last facial piercing I'll get, but well, it wasn't.

While lurking around BME I've seen people having a scrumper below their upper lip and I've instantly fallen in love with it. It looked so fresh and cute. I've never seen anyone with it before and I wasn't sure if it heals well and if it's permanent, so I've read a couple of stories here in BME about it and found out that with proper care this piercing can last.

So I've decided one day that when I'll be in the capital I'll get it. (There isn't any professional body pierces around here.) A month later I've had some stuff to do in the capital. I went in Ljubljana with my best friend. We also meet some old friends of ours there and they went with me to studio.After waiting there for almost half an hour (there was a bunch of girls who wanted to get their navels done) I've finally got a chance to talk to the piercer. I told him what i wanted, picked the piercing, lied down and lift my upper lip like he told me to.

My friends were there jerking off with a phone-camera,taping, taking pictures and making fun of me it was extremely hard to stay serious but hey- at least I wasn't scared or anything thanks to them.There really isn't anything much to say about it, really. The guy just showed up a needle through and put the jewely in (cute little silver ring with white »diamond« in the middle ) and that was that. No pain, no blood, nothing. He told me how to take care for it, I payed and then we went to drink a beer.At first I've had this annoying feeling, like some food was stuck behind my tooth or something, but I knew it won't last too long and I was right- by the end of a day I hardly knew it was there.

To be honest, I didn't really take care for it like he told me to (didn't use some special oil like he ordered, because I found it unnessesary) but luckily it tured out fine. I didn't have any problems with it, it healed without any pain or irritation.

The only time I found it disturbing was while washing my teeth, but othervise it was just fine.

Now, after two years of wearing it ( I hardly ever take it off) I still have no problems whatsoever.I've heard it could easily be ripped off, but I hope this won't happen so soon, because I really really really like it.

And people's reactions ? Mom hates it, she told me she does. But after two years she probably doesn't even notice it anymore My boyfriend told me that it looked kind of odd at first, but now he finds it sexy, unique and that he thinks it fits my personality.

Most friends say it's interesting and that it looks good. I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I live in quite conservative town ( and country) and this piercing isn't really seen much around here.Most people who see it tell me that they have never seen it before . I usually get asked questions about it, mostly something like »Did it hurt?« »How do you wash your teeth?« or they say something like »Girl,you have something stuck between your teeth« (Love the last one ) I got many negative comments about it, but those don't bother me, since I really like it. But after seeing so many beautiful people who are heavily modificated (much more than me) I'm probably not the one who should be complaining about this. I'm just happy I'm not so closed minded like some of them.

In conclution- if you would like to get a scrumper done (I prefer to call it Smiley, though) wait no more!Since all people's body reactions are not the same I can't guarantee it will turn out as good as in my case, but if you get it done by a professional, I think there shulden't be a problem. I don't think DIY is a good idea (I've got done some piercings by myself and let me tell you, making holes by yourself with safety pin is not a good idea.)

Well, that' s that. Excuse my poor English, and try to keep in mind that I tried really hard writing this

Now put a smile on your face and go mod yourself!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: pedjo
Studio: exit
Location: Ljubljana%2C+Slovenia

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