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Doing my scrumper myself.

Well....I had seen loads of photos of smiley's/scrumpers on the BME website for quite a while. I was looking for something different that my friends hadn't got, because honestly, who has body mods to look like the average joe....so when I saw it I thought it was so pretty and would compliment my other piercing you can see on my face (2x nose, left labret and tongue).

I had read a lot of experiences on BME about scrumpers and thought it'd be a good one for my first self-done piercing because the majority of experiences seemed positive and I'd good things about this piercing. I also read lots of health and safety tips on here and other websites and had watch a lot of videos also. I decided to buy a professional piercing kit which I managed to purchase, I made sure it came sealed and packaged and was safe to use, I wouldn't proceed with a piercing without knowing all the dangers.

When my kit came I was very excited and hurried to my bathroom to perform the procedure.

I collected all the necessary equipment I needed professional gloves, needle, CBR, mirror, tissues, alcohol wipe.

I brushed my teeth and then rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash so that my mouth was sterilised. I put on the gloves then put the mirror on a shelf at the adequate height, I took the needle out of the packet and then prepared. I pulled up my top lip to examine where my new piercing was going to go I had already spoke to a few people and looked at pictures on BME to determine the placing of my new scrumper, when I found the prime place (which took a bit of time) I started to push the needle through, I honestly didn't know it it was going through or not, it seemed too easy. It went through the first side fine but the second was harder, I stopped to check I was going straight which I was so I proceeded to push the needle through, when it went through a faint 'pop' was heard. The first time I had ever heard it! After the needle was in and i went to reach for the CBR I had to let go of my needle which was the hard bit because it was pressed up against my lip digging into it, I suggest you put a cork on the sharp end of the needle (unfortunately I had none, the only thing I was missing) or get someone to help you.

When I had got it through which hurt a lot less than I imagined and was also a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, I got the sterilised CBR I was going to put through it and gently put it into the new hole, the CBR went through very easily and didn't hurt, I left it in for a second before I started fiddling with it to put the ball on.

Quite impressed with myself I tried to put the ball on which after a lot of tries and lots of times dropping and consequently nearly losing it I got a pair of pliers and gently closed it. This hurt a little, because I was pulling it a bit, but not a massive amount. Nothing unbearable. I then rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash. My scrumper didn't bleed at all which was quite a shock to me!

After I did my scrumper it didn't hurt felt a little uncomfortable because I wasn't used to it but thats the same with any piercing, it swelled up a little but that soon went down, it healed remarkably quickly and wasn't difficult to eat with. Spicy foods and sour foods should be avoided though as I found out with a little sting!

My new scrumper looked lovely and shiny. I am very happy I chose to do this because it is an easy piercing to hide with a bar and then you can show it off if you put a hoop in it.

I am always playing with it and hooking my tongue bar onto it which to my surprise doesn't hurt, it is the least painful piercing I have ever experienced, I just wish they all were as easy as a scrumper!

All in all a very successful experience and I would recommend it to anyone that wants something 'a little different' that you can still wear for work if they don't alow jewellery on show.

I have had lots of compliments on my new piercing and I love it when people ask 'whats that actually attached to?' and when I show the look of either shock or love.

Thankyou for reading. Happy piercing!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Lip Piercing

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