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Displacing Discomfort

Displacing pain really helps me conquer emotional trauma. If I'm hurting one place, say my heart for example, I put pain somewhere else to distract me. So basically I felt I needed a needle stuck through my flesh to relieve some anxiety.

So I had a day off work and after a long day of classes my friend and I hopped in the car to Eau Claire to Penetrations. They had also done my clavicle piercings a few months back and I also needed the piercer to take a look at those to. I pretty much decided what to get pierced on the way there. It's always a spur of the moment decision in my life. We rolled in and I told the piercer what was up and we were on the way.

This piercer, Kyle, could be the most precise piercer I've ever worked with.  I've really only went to a handful of different piercers and my main piercer is in Milwaukee, WI but I go to school hours from there so was forced to find another.  But Kyle takes a lot of time marking which is great, because who wants a crooked piercing.  He put this stuff on my lip to clean it off and instantly my lip was chapped.  He took probably 15-20 minutes to mark it and then let me look in the mirror.  I wanted the bottom part to be a bit higher so he remarked everything.  My poor lip was almost bleeding it was so chapped.  I should admit now that I am a chronic carmex abuser. 

So finally it was time to pierce. I was wondering if this was going to hurt cause it was a thick part of my lip.  This being my 30 something piercing it was surprising that I would be nervous.  He put the clamp on and as always that was a bit uncomfortable.  Then I did the breathing deal and he started to put the needle through.  It was weird.  I am used to my other piercer who shoves that in and out so fast you don't even realize it happened.  I've really never experienced pain with him unless it was something like cartilage.  But the piercing Kyle performed, I mean the actual needle through the flesh, was really slow.  I could feel the needle going through every layer of tissue.  I mean it was so slow I could sit there and concentrate on how it felt which was something I wasn't used to.  And yeah, it did kinda hurt.  But I really think it was because of the length that it took.  But whatever I lived; I've definitely been through worse piercings.  So he put the jewelry in and that was it. 

I looked in the mirror and saw that my lip was already pretty swollen.  The first thing I did was reach for my carmex because now my lip was so cracked it hurt.  The piercer quickly gave me a speech about how bad carmex is something about fiberglass in it and I should use something natural like Burt's beeswax.  I looked at him like he was insane.  Asking an addict to quit there habit is about the most obtuse thing you could do.   But I didn't want to hurt my new piercing so I obliged to the Burt's...for about three days.  That stuff didn't do anything for my severely chapped lips.  I was just careful about the carmex.  I applied it with my finger and was sure not to get it in my piercing. 

So the healing process is going good.  Be ready to carry straws around with you cause there's no way to drink like a normal person.  That really put a damper on my beer drinking.  I felt like a fool drinking beer with a straw.  It just doesn't work right.  After the first week the swelling went down completely but I was still using straws.  I probably will be for a couple more weeks just to be safe.  I clean it twice a day and rinse if off after I eat.  I sure don't want food stuck in that thing.  I really just leave it alone which is the best thing you can do.  It's kinda hard eating a sandwich or anything that involves using the center of your lip.  I just take it slow and try to eat things I can put in the side of my mouth.  One day I jumped the gun and tried drinking a bottle of water without a straw but ended up dribbling down my chin and hurting my piercing. 

Overall I really like it.  It compliments my other piercings and there are only two other girls in school that have it.  I always strive to be unique.  Now that I am just about officially out of places to pierce I think I'll have to move on to pulling or suspension to relieve anxiety.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 April 2005
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kyle
Studio: Penetrations
Location: Eau+Claire%2C+WI

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