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A lipring, my introduction into bodmod

So, I was 16, had recently left home, and decided I wanted a nice symbol of my newfound independence. Something to prove to myself, and everyone else, I was a strong woman, and in control of my own life, and my own body.

Up to that point I wasn't overly interested in, or knowledgeable about body modifications. I didn't even have my ears pierced at the time. I was living in downtown Ottawa and so I regularly passed several studios when out and about, and always looked on in interest.

I got a ring to place in various spots on my body to see how it might look and if it would suit me. The only one that seemed right for me was my lip. It was symmetrical, in plain view, and didn't seem too "im doing this to be sexy" to me, as the belly and nipple piercings did.

One day on my way home from work, I stopped in a shop that was inside/beside a store called Rock Junction. I had been there before, to shop, and thought it was a good posi environment and I had heard good things about their work. I approached the man at the front desk, a little apprehensive, but also very excited, and said I wanted my lip pierced, and asked how did it work? They said, you give us 40$, choose a bead colour, sign this form, and away we go!

So, I got it right then and there, a lower lip, centered ring with a blue bead.

He (sadly I don't remember his name) was the only staff in the shop as far as I could see, and was heavily tattooed, but very approachable.

He sat me down, explained everything, and then cleaned my lip.

The clamps were awkward and cold, and I looked away when he got the needle ready.

I cant really explain the feeling, not all that painful, but rather strange. It felt like biting your lip, and holding down. Really, it was the sound/feeling of the needle tearing through the skin that affected me. My lip felt numb and swollen almost immediately.

He put in the jewelry; and I paid him. He said I was welcome to hang out there for a bit, just in case (I guess I looked a little faint or something). I was afraid to move my mouth at all. He handed me one of those super close up mirrors, and I was very excited to see my new face, the one I would be glad to see in the mirror everyday for years to come.

We talked about his mods, and he showed me pics of his recent chest suspension. That certainly helped peak my interest in other mods. He showed me some tattoo magazines and a portfolio of another artist that worked there's work. He gave me after care instructions, and I walked home, feeling very euphoric.

For the rest of the day, I was convinced he had cheated me, and that the ring wasn't actually through my lip, just sitting on it, because it was so numb and unusual feeling that it felt fake. I asked people several times to look at it and reassure me that it was in fact all the way through. As the swelling went down, I wiggled and wobbled it a bit, just to make sure. It was such a silly thing to think in hindsight, but a very real fear back then.

I had no problem healing it at all, and it rarely gets in the way now that it is healed.

Sometimes eating cereal is a bit messy, but that's it.

I have a small chip on one of my front teeth, after getting hit, the lipring must have knocked it or something, but it doesn't bother me.

After the piercing healed, I went back to have a smaller ring put in, and also had a chat with the tattoo artist. I went back for my first piece a few months later.

I often forget its there, I don't notice it any more, its just apart of my body now, but when I meet new people, sometimes they stare or make comments or gesture about it, and since I don't realize why at first, it can get annoying.

For me, I get more comments and questions, like the classic "did that hurt" about my lipring then about any of my tattoos, which I find a little odd, but c' est la vie.

The first time kissing someone after getting it done was a little nerve racking, for me and for them, but it was great, didn't get in the way at all, and in fact I have had partners who find it quite a turn on when being together.

I have had the piercing for 6 years or so now, and I never take it out, and never intend to.


submitted by: killertatertots
on: 18 March 2005
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Place inside Rock Junction
Location: Ottawa area, Canada

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