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A Friend Comes Home

For about a month now I have been growing a goatee for one purpose and one purpose only. Its been growing in very gray and I don't really like very much. It has its purpose for work however, as for what I did last night needs to be hidden during work hours. Everyone that has noticed this new piece of facial hair so far has liked it. I think it makes me older.

Up until recently I had been actively removing jewelry for various reasons and I thought that aspect of my life was over. I was wrong. Then last November, for some reason I still don't understand, I reinserted jewelry in both my lobes (which are now at 00g) and septum (currently at 4g).

After growing my goatee to what I think is the proper length, I contacted Cameron (iam baby teeth) via iam. He is friend of mine who I met recently here in Richmond, who is also a piercer at Enigma Studios, to let him know what I wanted to do. I wanted him to re pierce a piercing that I've had done twice in the past only to remove them quickly for work considerations. This time I'm determined to keep it.

I can't say that I made an 'official appointment' with Cameron but in our discussions I told him I would see him 'sometime after work on Tuesday'. He said that would be great and it would be his pleasure to do the piercing. I then wrote an entry into my iam diary page entitled 'Tomorrow....a SURPRISE!' not as a method reinforce my decision but just an FYI to my friends.

I went to work yesterday (Tuesday) which was boring except for the daily staff drama. The only aspect of the day that made it interesting was that with each hour closer was the time when this piercing was coming home. I left work about 5 in the afternoon, got home, changed and then went online. I read some experiences in the queue, answered my IM's and ate a bowl of cereal. Then about 6:30 I decided it was time to go.

I arrived at Enigma Studios about 7pm. While driving down, I was not nervous about being pierced again but becoming excited that this would be the first piercing that was not suspension related in a long LONG time. When I arrived, Cameron was sitting behind the counter going through paperwork of past piercing work he had done. We talked for a while about the upcoming Providence Suscon in April and that he probably would not be going. I dangled a 'carrot' in front of him by saying that he could ride with me. I think he might just change his mind.

We then got down to the business at hand. He asked me what size I wanted to be pierced at and I replied 14g. With that we went back into the piercing room. This room was clean, neat and well organized which anyone getting pierced should look for. Cameron had the jewelry in hand in a sealed polybag and laid it on the table. He gloved, masked and put out all his instruments of torture. We continued to chat as he prepped. We talked about the outline work I recently had done on my left arm and how much he liked it.

He then took a long stare at the area to be pierced and marked the placement. He asked me to look at the placement in the mirror to make sure it was where I wanted it and I agreed it was. I sat back up on the table and we were ready to go.

I will admit that I became a little nervous by now. Actually, I think that's healthy. If we think about it, we are about to have a sharp object being pushed through many layers of skin and tissue in order to create a purposeful hole and do damage to that part of the body. When that's done, the needle is followed by a metallic object that will remain. Our bodies will react. To some it will be an Ouch!, to others it's traumatic and even others it's just a pin prick. Everyone is different.

Cameron asked me if I minded clamps, which he recommends, or did I want him to do the piercing free hand. I told him clamps don't bother me and that the use of clamps have a better chance of the piercing being straight. He agreed and he stated the use of them would be better but that I would be amazed at how many people think it's 'cooler' and more 'hardcore' if this piercing was done freehand. He handed me a cup of antiseptic mouthwash, which even though was minted, tasted like...well... shit . He clamped (which for me doesn't hurt) and pulled out the needle from the sterile package. I started my breathing. One....Two.... And before three....PUSH! In a millisecond the needle was through. Next was the jewelry and in another millisecond it was in place. He screwed on the ball and we were done. I just had a couple of drops of blood, nothing to worry about which he cleaned out. It was over.

Cameron did a great and professional job. To me, the procedure was flawless. Everything again was properly sterilized and packaged. He changed gloves at all the proper times. He even went into his 'client calming down speech' even though he knows my history with piercing. I kind of looked at him and said something like that wasn't necessary. He smiled . He said he knew and that he was just practicing. I chuckled. We really didn't go over aftercare that much as I know what to do and he knows that. Rest assured that he does do it for everyone else.

I can't say that this piercing hurt much, just a pin prick. I did get a brief endorphin rush but that was all. This is more than likely a result of all the suspension hooks that I have pierced with in the past. I just don't get the thrill anymore from being pierced. I didn't jump up immediately to look at it. We just continued to talk. Inside though, I was really REALLY happy! A long lost friend, my labret, has come home.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Feb. 2005
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Cameron-iam+baby+teeth
Studio: Enigma+Studios
Location: Richmond%2C+Va

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