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Piercing the body

 For about five years now, I have wanted a lip ring.  I can't explain why I chose this piercing, but I knew that one day, no matter the consequences, I would get it done.  Days finally came where I could and was getting tattoos, but piercing always sat on the backburner for me.  Eventually, it creeped to the forefront and I began thinking seriously about it.  When it finally came back to me, I wondered why I hadn't thought about it sooner.

All I can say is waiting's the pits. Four years and two tattoos later, I finally decided to go for it. But my sister, a tattoo and piercing collector herself, taught me a few things. I still had to research a good place. I needed to find some place that was quality AND cheap. I needed to know how long it would take before I could change the ring for something more modest at work. I called a few places that either sounded like a dirty basement, and a few places that wanted me to dump a goldmine($70?). After doing a little research on break, I called Tattoo City. I had read about the place before because Larry Brogan came up in a tattoo search I had done while first looking at tattoo ideas. Called it up, and talked directly to the piercer. 40 dollars sounded just within my range, but I didn't make an appointment just yet.

This is where i make a confession. I'm actually scared of needles. Remember those little kids in the doctor's office that would scream at the sight of a shot? That was probably me that was deafening you. The way I got by on tattoos is because I could look away (I have tattoos on my lower back and left bicep). I wasn't going to be able to ignore someone piercing my lip.

So for that week, I waited. My friend Chris told me it would definitely be better to wait if I wasn't sure about something like this. He told me I should think it out for the week and then go for it if I still wanted to.

Im such a chickenshit. The next day I was already regretting my decision. But next week was payday, so it worked out for the best. I charted out Tattoo City (a website giving good directions always helps) filled up my tank the night before, and waited nervously for Friday to come.

Set in my decision, and having decided a tattoo lover's fear of needles is both irrational and kinda lame, I picked up my girlfriend and we drove to Tattoo City. The whole ride there, I was extremely nervous. For anyone who has driven to Tattoo City, theres not much but woods around for the whole way there. I had nothing to think about but the process, the jewelry, the pain, the place.... When we pulled up, my girlfriend looked at me and said, "I'm nervous, and I'm sure you are, but you'll do fine." We walked inside and met with Kivaka (great name, better piercer) and I told him I called earlier about coming in. He walked me back, ask me if I was ready for the pain (he wasn't helping my nervousness), chuckled and put his gloves on.

Being so used to getting tattoos, the process went extremely fast. He put the pliers on my lip, which were really cold and felt great, and plunged the needle right in. I squeezed out one tear, took a deep breath, and I was welcomed into the world of the pierced. The jewelry was a little big, but he told me it would be because my lip would swell. I got some Dr. Piercing cleaning solution, and walked away $40 bucks lighter and with a huge smile on my hurting face. That night at work I was greeted with compliments and a whole lot of, "Did it hurt?". I heard someone say, "Ya went without me?" and I turned around to let my friend Chris examine the work. My boss told me it looked ok enough to not have to worry about changing the jewelry, as long as I kept something standard in.

By now, my piercing has healed, I've had the ring changed, and my parents have done their bitching. All I can say is that Kivaka is a great piercer. He made me laugh when I would normally be screaming at the sight of a needle. I've been back there several times with friends who want to get tattoos and piercings, and I'm sure I will frequent there as well. I'm sure I don't need to say anything like, "You should go for it.." because whoever's reading this probably has, or soon will. Ultimately, if you want it, go to Kivaka, because he can make you smile while putting a hole in your lip.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2005
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport%2C+IL

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