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Will My Lip Ring Make It ?

This is a story about how I got my lip ring, and about how I might lose it. I have wanted a lip ring for a long time. What held me back was my parents and money. Parents can be the worst stereotypes! But, after a lot of negative and positive research, I have my lip ring.

Every day for a week after my mother told me that I could get my lip pierced, I asked her if we could go. Naturally, It took about a month. Now, I'm not impatient, but, how long must one wait? Finally, we went.

The studio was called Reo's Tattooing, Inc. I was looking at their jewelry and found it pretty expensive, but it was reassuring. I know that you should shop for quality, not price. My Mother and I filled out the forms and gave the piercer both our Id's. All I had was my School ID from Arlington, VA. I used to go to a school there and oddly, my piercer had went their too. We talked about it for a while and then we went on back to the piercing room.

I don't remember if she was even wearing gloves (I asked my sister and yes, of course she was.) Everything came out of a sterile autoclave package, everyone should check for this (and if you are paranoid, thats good, definitly better safe than sorry). She put on her gloves and wiped my chin with a alcohol pad. Then had me wash with listerine. She asked where I wanted it and at what gauge, and I said center and with 10 or 12. She said, "WHOA. Do you know how the gauge system works?" I said, "Yes, the smaller the number, the bigger the gauge, go ahead and do it at 14."

She marks it right in the middle and tells me to go check it. I looked in the mirror and told her to mark it a VERY tiny bit more to the right (hey, its my face, my money, my piercing). She remarks it and clamps it. Gets out the needle and starts to push it through. All I could think was, "Oh My God, WHAT was I thinking?!?!" By the time I got a hold of my self it was through, but it wasn't the end of the pain.

She takes the ball of the CBR and puts the end in the hollow needle, pulls the needle through and turns it to the front. UNfortunatly, she didn't open the ring enough before she put it through and had to widen it with it in my lip, PAIN. Then she put the ball in and closes it, way less painful. I couldn't believe it actually happened.

Then she wiped it off with alcohol (don't think she should have done that put it couldn't have been that bad) and made me swish with listerine. She then told me the "proper" after care. I was horrified.

She told me to swish with listerine 24/7 (way too much, not even diluted), wipe it with alcohol (yes, she really did), and put neosporin on it (doesn't let the piercing breathe or let the fluids come out). I just said ok and we left with a pamphlet with the same instructions.

I did NOT follow those horrible instructions (to the disappointment of my parental units). I did salt soaks (table salt, couldn't get my parents to buy sea salt, but still WAY better than alcohol) and they have helped a lot with both my 6G ears and my lip. I wash it with fragrance-less and lotion-less dial soap. I also use listerine diluted with water to about 1/4 listerine. The healing has gone very well and I am very happy with the way it looks.

Then my mom took me to CVS and we got all the right healing things.

After that we picked my dad up and went to Dairy Queen. Eating wasn't that bad. I just kept bumping into it and i had to break up the food and put in in my mouth. Drinking out of a glass was weird but I love the little 'clink' when I drink.

Unfortunatly my school has told me to remove it or I will be given Out-of School Suspension till I take it out. I looked through the dress code throughly before I got it done and it said nothing about facial piercings. I was told it was a "Disruption to the environment". I have taken my case to the superintendent and he will speak to the school on monday (its friday,no school, snow day!) about it (he said that there wasn't any thing in the rules about it).

They also can't prove it is a disruption and it goes against my First amendment right. If it doesn't work with the superintendent, I am taking it to the school board, then the American Civil Liberties Union. I encourage EVERYONE to fight for their rights, many people have died preserving them.

If your piercer ever tells you the same healing instructions, avoid them. Use things that will HELP heal it. Sea salt soaks are a great way to help the healing process, and get rid of crusties.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Feb. 2003
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Reo%27s+Tattooing+Inc.
Location: Dumfries%2C+VA

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