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my beautiful yet subtle medusa...

 I have a great and growing love for all body modifications and so far, have had quite a few piercings, including my septum, bridge, navelx2, nostril, helix, tragus, conch and an 18mm lobe. I also have a tattoo on my lower back, that says ''TRUE'' in gothic style lettering. I felt it was time to have something else done. Since loosing my bridge about 2/3months ago due to it starting to reject, my face had started to feel slightly bare! I thought it was time to get some sort of oral piercing :)

I'd thought about the side of my lip for a while but felt it was getting a bit too common. I'd then thought about getting my monroe but felt it wouldn't suit me. One day after messing around with a ball off a barbell and some bluetack (good way to see if piercings may suit you!) I decided on what was next for me....my medusa. I'd never thought about this piercing before, but I thought it looked beautiful; subtle because of my septum but noticeable enough too. I decided that next time I was in town I would ask about it.

Last Saturday I got up and went along to Modern Body Art, situated in Birmingham City Centre, just around the corner from The Academy and Toys R Us. This has been my regular haunt for all but 1 of my piercings and all the people I know that go there are very happy with the clean professional service, friendly faces, and excellent quality piercings and tattoos they get there. I went up to the counter and said hi to Matt and told him what I wanted. He said there'd be about a 30 minute wait and asked if I wanted to wait or go look round town for a bit. I decided to go get some food and came back half an hour later.

 He called me round the back to the piercing area and I sat down. I'd told him I wanted a labret stud that didn't have too big a ball on it, because I wanted something small that fitted in with face. He got out a 10mm labret stud to ok it with me, I said it was fine. He sterilised all the necessary equipment and we chatted a bit about local band farse and their gig the following day(we both happen to be friends with them) He asked me if I'd had any lip piercings before, I said no and he warned me it would sting a bit! He marked it, showed me, clamped my lip and talked the procedure through. The piercing itself was ok. It stung for a few seconds and felt uncomfortable when the jewellery was put in but it was fine besides my eyes watering! He showed me afterwards and I loved it straight away. I tried to smile but it didn't really work!! He said that the labret stud he'd put in was slightly longer to allow for swelling and that I could replace it with a shorter one once it  had healed. I thanked him and went out to pay. Spoke to Jo (the tattooist) for a bit and also booked in for touch ups the following week. I paid my £14.50 and left feeling very happy.

 The first night I felt minimal discomfort/pain and had a slight problem smiling and talking, but apart from that it was fine. Sunday it was ok too, it was only Monday that I woke up and looked like a puffer fish! It had swelled! My brother Matt(Secret Ninja on IAM) suggested putting some ice on my lip which helped a bit. This only lasted a day and Tuesday it was fine. The only thing I noticed was it rubbing my gums and knocking my teeth when I smiled. But I guess this can't be helped with any sort of lip piercing. I got a bit worried about this and hoped that I wouldn't have to take it out. Again though, this lasted a day or so and now it's fine.

 It's been a week now and although its obviously not healed yet, there's no soreness, pain or swelling, just a few crusties I clean off with salt water. I swill with antibacterial mouth wash to clean the inside because I'm sorry, but I can't gargle with salt water!! I've had all positive comments off people, someone even said I should take out my septum so you can see it better, but I like it the way it is. If anyone is thinking of getting their medusa I would say yes. It's uncommon, I haven't seen many people with it done and its really pretty to look at (also great to play with...hey that's 1 of the reasons for piercings!!)

 In the future, I'm hoping to re pierce my bridge, get my other nostril, conch, transverse lobe, stretch my ears to 3/4'', my belly to 4/5mm, my nipple and who knows what else. I'm in the process of designing my next tattoo, involving Hawaiian flowers which I will get before the end of the year. I'm also considering suspension and pocketing in the future, but that's all to look forward to.

Cheers for reading! xox


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2002
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Matt
Studio: www.modernbodyart.co.uk
Location: Birmingham+England

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