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almost done with my face, a vertical labret

Last Friday I went into New York City for a number of reasons, one of the most important was to get my vertical labret. During the IAM brunch the Saturday before I visited Gotham with a group of other people to check out the shop. I wanted to see if I really wanted to be pierced by Sean. I had meet him at the NYC suspension in January and heard that the shop was good. Hearsay is okay but I wanted to see the shop for myself. It was a quaint little shop on 20th St. and close to 7th Ave. Anyway, I asked Sean (IAM-Xeon) about getting a fairly big vertical labret done on Friday. He was dear about answering my questions and being as helpful as he could. I didn't get it done that day due to my lack of funds.

I usually get my piercings done at Utopia in Long Island by Ben. He is an extremely informative person but very conservative and sometimes I feel like he takes a father approach to me. I always end up with littler gauges than I want and have to stretch the holes. He also tries to talk me out of things. I am not saying that information is a bad thing, it just I didn't want to have to sit through another lecture. I am not a spontaneous person when it comes to my mods, if I get a piercing it is because I have thought about it. I also know that Sean wouldn't do anything extreme or dangerous and it would be without an hour-long dissertation.

My friend Cameron wanted to get a vertical labret too but couldn't get out of his drawing class so he was to meet me at 5 in the City. Cameron also didn't know where to get pierced; he is from Florida and he figured I would know a decent place. After waiting for Cameron for about an hour I went into Gotham without him. Sean and his apprentice were there. I asked him about getting my vertical labret but I told him I wanted it as big as I could. Sean ended up looking through the jewelry for about 15 minutes and then he told me he could do it at a 10 gauge but the curved barbell would be a bit long. I then asked him if I could at least get an 8, Sean agreed. Then Sean asked me if I wanted it to soak or autoclave. I then asked him how long the autoclave would take, and it would be an hour. I told him I would rather have him autoclave it. He then asked me if I had eaten and of course I had but I told him I could kill the time.

Well, I wasted an hour walking around the area. There is an awesome food shop right buy that sells some nice bread. As I was crossing 7th Ave, I saw Cameron across the street! I was so happy to see him. We went back to Gotham and Cameron told Sean that he wanted to get a vertical labret as well, but at a 14 gauge. After talking to Sean's apprentice (I forgot her name but she is a great person) about everything from body mods, work and school, Sean had everything ready. He asked who wanted to go first. Cameron did. But that is his story. He sat very well.

Then it was my turn to jump up on the table. Sean had me lay down. I informed him that I do flinch sometimes. I was praying that I wouldn't but the last piercing I had about a month ago I kind of did. I am sorry but septrils hurt like hell and my eyes were watering all over the place. Back to my vertical labret, I had been prepping myself the whole time. I usually do breathing techniques as well as telling myself that it is going to hurt very bad. By the time it gets pierced it doesn't hurt half as bad as I expect. Sean prepped my lip with some skin cleanser. The he put a tissue item of some sort behind my lip where the needle was going to come through. Sean then had me take two deep breaths. On the second he started to push the needle through. It hurt a lot, I am not going to lie but I have had a hell of a lot worse. What was the most painful about this piercing is that it just doesn't go right through. Sean had to stop and line up the needle to make sure it was going in st raight and sit correctly on my face. After the second push the needle was out. Sean told me to hold really still or I would impale my nose on the needle well he got the jewelry ready. The jewelry transfer also was very smooth. As I sat up I was so excited before I even could see the piercing. I couldn't help but grinning with this huge lip piercing.

Sean was excellent with clean up. My lip started to coagulate so he had me come back into the piercing room to get the blood off. Sean, Cameron and I started to talk after that. We talked about the suspension convention that is coming up, what style that I should do and what to expect. We then talked about his new job and what he is going to Atlanta to do. Sean is just an awesome, down to earth person. He all gave me a hug before I left and told me that he would order me shorter, titanium (for the lightness) jewelry for my lip. Sean also sent me an IAM the next day to ask me if my lip was okay. What a sweetie.

The last few days have been interesting to say the least but it was nothing that I wasn't expecting. The second day my lip was huge and bruised. I actually was a little worried if a vein was nicked but by the sixth day my lip was looking better. I still have swelling and some blood. Especially if I roll on my lip well I am sleeping. It is healing well so far. I have to go to New York City on Monday to develop film so I am going to stop by Gotham to see if my jewelry is in and so Sean can check out my lip. So far it is a successful piercing. The biggest problem I had was with eating for the first few days. I still haven't mastered the art of drinking out of a cup with a ball on my upper lip but it is understandable and I am working on it. I would also recommend a sea salt soak once a night. It helps to losses the dried lymph and blood. It also makes my lip feel lots better.

I am extremely pleased with this piercing. I have one more piercing to get on my face, (not including my ears and tongue) and my face is done. It is the other side of my cheek. This will match the 4 gauge cheek piercing that i have on the left side of my face. The vertical labret ended up bringing my face together very well and this is exactly what I wanted.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 March 2002
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sean
Studio: Gotham
Location: New+York+City

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