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My First Piercing

My first bod mod was a crazy thing, I never thought I'de do something like that. I've been interested and intrigued by piercings forever now and I've always wanted to be a piercer and plan on being one. I never thought I would pierce myself though. I always thought that it would mean more to me if I did the piercing myself but I never had the guts to jsut burst out and pierce myself. I guess I've gotten crazier since I've matured and its great. I dont know too many people my age with piercings so I thought that getting a piercing would be a unique and cool thing to do. I've wanted to get more body piercing done since i started to strech my lobes but the craving to get more stuff done was satisfied until now by just getting my lobes streched. Piercing has always taken away stress for me. Even watching people get it done or just looking at pictures of unique piercings on BME is relaxing...I dont know why! I used to think that Labret piercings weren't the most attractive kind of piercing but I dont know what happened, my whole attitude about all piercings changed when I turned 16. I decided I love them all... So anyway, I was sitting in my room one day, bored as fuck. I was listening to some Oleander and looking in the mirror at my streched lobes and thought to myself that everyone has their ears pierced man, and its time for me to get some more mods. I looked over and there just happened to be a safety pin chillin on my sink. So of coarse I sterilized it thinking maybe I'de pierce myself, I never thought I would actually do it! I sterilized my safety pin, washed my face, gargled some stuff, iced my lip and stuck the safety pin through.I seriously thought that it would hurt but it didnt at all, surprisingly! I walked around for like 3 hours with the safety pin in the middle of my lip until i found the right ring for it. I got the ring for my lip at Body Piercing Unlimited. I went straight there because they are very clean. They always sterilize their piercing equipment and they make you feel so comfortable. Everyone there is so nice. Not to mention the guy at the front counter is really cute :) They always have the best jewelery there and I went there because everyone I know who has been pierced there hasnt had and problems, they have nothing bad to say about BP, its great. So I've had my piercing in for about 2 days now and this girl I know came up to me and the first thing she said was "oh your lip ring is so cute but why did you make it so off to the left?" That made me so self concious that I took it out imediatly and decided to get it done professionally because I didnt want a piercing that was slightly off to the side! I had my mom drive me back to BPU and they told me to wait until the hole healed up and then to come back in. I waited about 2 weeks and then finally went back. I went into the room with my piercer, he was really nice and made me feel totally comfortable. I wasnt nervous at all anyways because piercing is great. He finally pierced me after going through the cleaning procedure and stuff and I was so excited I could have wet my pants, it was great, perfect. I loved it so much that I asked him to strech my ears while he was at it. I picked out 2 6g captive rings and he streched them for free since I bought the jewlery. My ears are fine with the healing because I only got them streched and not very much so they are not hurting or anything. My lip is a little swollen and it hurts more the second day this time than when i pierced it the fist time. I am loving how it looks. I love piercings, they make me look so unique. The first thing I did after I got pierced was get more body jewelery for my lip. I hope the rest of the healing process goes well. I'm sure it will though because I'm going to take care of it. I think I'm going to get my ears streched again in like 2 weeks. I have realized that piercing is kind of addicting to me. The next mod I get I want to get my bridge pierced. I think that looks so interesting. For now I'll stay with my lip piercing though. I have strange thing about body suspension. It totally intrigues me. If anyone wants to talk aboutit, I love talking about suspension so mail me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 March 2001
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: me
Studio: my+room
Location: Alaska

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