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Labret demistyfied

il Labret demystified. After I got my tongue pierced a year ago with a 8ga 5/8" and a circular barbell 10ga septum, on October 5th 2000, I decided that I want to get one last piercing. I decided on a Labret. Walked in the studio, followed all the cleaning procedures and pierced me with a 14ga fishtail labret jewelry with a ½" primary bending to accommodate swelling. This was the least painful piercing I ever had. The tail of the labret sits horizontally along the bottom gum line. The first 4 days, the inside of the lip swelled to almost 1/2" taking the entire length of the post. Eating the first days is a bit uncomfortable because of the swelling. Swelling lasts for approximately 4 days and healing period is over in about a month. Having a fistail in your mouth is a bit "getting used to", but its better than the flatback labret that can erode the gums. Once the gums are eroded, they don't grow back. They stay eroded forever. Therefore I made the right choice of the fistail labret. Labret jewelry can also cause damage to tooth enamel if the jewelry rubs against the teeth. L-shaped Fishtail Labrets are designed to reduce gum erosion. The tail is intended to fit into the indentation below the gumline, and the piercing must be placed accordingly. The presence of a large frenulum may impede ideal placement for a fishtail. I love my fishtail labret. It's a conversation starter in many places I go. Especially when I insert a UV glow in the dark bead. My septum is flipped up most of the time, thus not visible. My tongue barbell is also hidden in my mouth and I show it when I want to, but my labret is visible at all times. When I smile, the labret post extends outwards and some people find it interesting. Others are grossed, especially narrow-minded people. So when I'm in a "high class" reception, I try not to smile as often, or wear a shorter labret to compensate. Now I'm 25 years-old and I still enjoy life, I enjoy flying light planes, I enjoy work and most of all I enjoy my 3 piercings. 1 visible (labret), 2 invisible (tongue, septum). When I decide to make all 3 piercing visible, I have to be with my friends. Not in a church for example. Many people ask me: "How does it feel having a labret?" The answer is that it feels initially like you have a piece of metal chunk sticking out below your lip. Later on you won't feel it any more. It looks "flashy" when you wear dark clothes and because of the human curiosity, you'll get to answer many questions. Most of them "What is this?", "did it hurt?", "why you did it?", "what your family members say?", "You don't look the type of person that's into piercings"... thus a great conversation starter. The labret is one of my favorite piercing, being that my tongue bar is my favorite. Remember that if you get a labret, get a fishtail. I know that it will be a bit uncomfortable in the beginning until you get used to it, but your gums are far more important. Once you erode them, they don't grow back. They stay eroded for life. So play safe and get a fishtail. And most importantly, be prepared for the aftercare procedure. Playing with the jewelry while the piercing is healing can result in scarring or prolonged healing or migration. Labret jewelry will collect plaque, especially in the crevice between ball and bar. Plaque traps bacteria and can cause the jewelry to have a bad odor. Daily use of an anti-plaque rinse is suggested to prevent plaque build-up. To remove a build-up of plaque remove and soak jewelry in an antibacterial denture cleaner following the package directions. While smoking may be irritating but not necessarily damaging to a new piercing the use of chewed tobacco products is discouraged as the use of chewed tobacco has been attributed to oral cancers and lesions. Once my piercing was healed I used a shorter post. Although the piercing may appear healed in a number of weeks, it will not be fully healed for about two months. If the jewelry is changed before then, the tissue tends to swell back up, making the new piece too short. For this reason, its recommend waiting until its fully healed before considering a shorter post. It's annoying to have the longer one sticking out, but it really is necessary. Now I wear a 10ga fishtail labret. I have 2 lengths, one which is a perfect fit: a 3/8" and a longer one, a 9/16" when I go out with friends. I really like the longer one sticking out. On another post, I will attemp to demistify my 8ga tongue piercing and I'll post some of my pictures. So stay tuned. If you're in the Laval area (North of Montreal, Canada) I highly recommend Laval Tatoo Art & Piercing located at 1788 Cure-Labelle in Laval corner St-Martin. (450) 973-8287


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Chistian
Studio: Laval+Tatoo+Art+%26+Piercing
Location: Laval%2C+Canada

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